Fix Your Epson Printer Offline Problem in Windows 10?

In the world of printers, EPSON is one big name and it has millions of users worldwide.

But EPSON printers are vulnerable to issues and problems. When you are trying to set your printer for a print job, but your computer is not able to connect to it and says it is offline. This may result in the loss of your work and productivity as you cannot print your desired file. This type of problem can really annoy any user who was just looking for a simple print.

But, you don’t worry we come to your rescue, yes we have created an in-depth article to solve your EPSON printer offline issue. And you also have the option of contacting the Epson Printer Support Number if these solutions do not work for you.

Fix Your Epson Printer Offline Problem in Windows 10?

Fix for EPSON Printer Offline

You can try these fixes to remove the problem from your printer and use it effortlessly.

Using Printer Offline Features – Disable it

You need to disable the offline printer use to prevent it from giving commands to offline mode.

● Open ‘Control Panel’

● Now, click on ‘Devices and Printers’

● Select your Epson printer and right click on it

● Now, click on ‘See What’s Printing’.

● Click on ‘Printer’ from the menu and check if there is a tick mark before ‘Use Printer Offline’.

● And then click on ‘Printer’ again and set it as your default printer.

● Close all the windows and give a command to print and see if you are able to print or not.

Updating the EPSON Printer Drivers

Probably this problem is caused by faulty or corrupted drivers, you can try updating your drivers. If you are afraid of working on the drivers manually then you can use any third party tool to download the drivers.

But it is recommended that you use the official EPSON website to download and install the drivers. It is very easy to install the drivers on your EPSON printer. You just need to:

● Go to Devices and printers (As we’ve seen in the last step)

● Now right click on your EPSON printer and select the Properties

● You can click on ‘Update Driver’ to update or ‘Uninstall Driver’ to uninstall the drivers.

● If you uninstalled the drivers then you need to download the drivers from the Official EPSON website and then install them.

Printer Reinstall

After you’ve tried everything and nothing is working for you then you can reinstall the printer. But first, you need to uninstall the printer from the system. To do that you need to:

● Open Run

● Then, type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter

● Click on Printers to expand the menu and then select the EPSON printer.

● Right click on it and select ‘Uninstall’

● Now, open the control panel to add a printer

● Tap on Devices and Printers and then Tap on ‘Add a Printer’

● Now, click on the Printer isn’t listed here and then click on the ‘Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname’ and tap ‘Next’.

● Now, you need to enter the details of your printer and tap on ‘Next’.

● Restart the computer and your printer will be added.

These solutions are designed to work flawlessly but in case if any of these are not working for you then you can contact Epson Printer Toll Free Number. They will definitely be able to help you in any case of the EPSON printers.

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