4 Reasons People Don’t Want to Read Your BLOG

You have spent hours writing new articles for your blog every single day, but that time doesn’t always bring back readers. If nobody is reading your blog, it’s time to be honest with yourself and get deep into the issue. Why is there any audience on your blog, and what can you do to improve this scenario?

If you planted some seeds and nothing grew, you’ll try to find out the possible reason. You’d test the soil, talk with other local gardeners, and look for practical ways you could improve your results during the next planting season.

If you had a departmental store and the average number of daily customers is just 25, compared to 100 an year before, you’d dig to find out what happened. You’d look at both internal and external factors in an attempt to understand and fix the underlying problems.

So if your blog isn’t attracting any readers, it stands to reason that you should find out why. In almost every case, you’ll discover that one or more of the following factors are involved. 

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1. Shortfall of Interest

No matter you own a convenience store or a blog, you can’t get success if customers aren’t interested in what you’re offering to them. This is something what most of millionaire entrepreneurs learned after multiple failed businesses.

The big lesson is to learn that you have to sell something that the market actually wants. This thing really laid the foundation for success for many of the entrepreneurs.

Always ask yourself, Are people interested in the topics you’re writing about? If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know,” then something probably needs to change. Do your research and find out exactly what it is that your audience wants to engage with. 

2. Just Posting With No SEO

The search engines on which the users are searching must be able to find you in order to display your URLs in their search indexing results. But once again, this is an area where you have to be proactive. SEO is still very much alive, but the old days of stuffing pages with keyword are gone. Today, the best SEO strategies involve publishing relevant and quality content and building links to your pages on high authority websites i.e. websites with high traffic of users. 

3. Very Little Promotion

Approximately, 2 million blog posts are written and published daily. That means, roughly 730 million new pieces of content are posted for internet users in a full year. If you’re publishing blog posts without any promotion, the chances of your blog posts being lost like an unreachable book in a library.

Blog promotion plays a major role in reaching people to read your blog. You need to be pushing blog posts via social media, building your brand, and connecting with others in your niche. Guest blogging can go a long way towards getting your name and therefore your blog popular in front of people. 

4. Plain Content written

No writer ever wants to talk about this, but there can be a possibility that you simply aren’t a good writer? There’s more to developing a quality blog post than grabbing your keyboard and rambling on until you reach a certain number of words. By improving your writing skills or hiring talented bloggers to develop content, you may see a drastic improvement. 

Refurb and Refurnish Your Blog

Do any of the problems outlined in this article sound familiar? While it’s tough to admit that nobody is reading your blog, it’s time to be honest with yourself. By recognizing the underlying issues and making a commitment to overcome them, you should see a noticeable improvement right away.

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