Scheduling a job in SQL.

A job is a series of action that SQL Server Agent Performs. It is used to schedule the query to run at specific time. It can be run on local drive or entire network.

SQL Server Agent: It is a component of Microsoft SQL Server which schedules jobs and handle other automated task. If it is in red colour with x it means it not started yet.

Step 1: Activating the SQL Server Agent:
Right Click on it, select start button.

Step 2: Click on yes button for all popup windows.

Step 3: Now SQL server agent is activated. Expand the SQL Server Agent, select job option and right click on it, select new Job.

Step 4: Page for the new job will be pop up. Fill the form under general category As shown in the snapshot

Step 5: Now click on Steps page, 

Step 6: Click on new button and fill the details for general.

Step 7: for the same page click on Advanced. Select the output file location and other essential requirement.

Step 8: Click on ok button, now click on Schedules, new page will popup a click on new.

Step 9: Fill the form as per your requirement as shown below.

Step 10: Similarly fill the form for Alerts, notification and targets page.