Cloud computing is becoming one of the important areas for investment in India. Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Government sector, IT/ITes, Banking and Financial Services are contributing largely to the Cloud market in India. Increased government expenditure on NOFN (National Optical Fibre Network) and various e-governance portals like Digital India. Digital India is expected to drive the market for cloud computing. India ranked 8th, in the world. India’s cloud services market has generated interest among the technology leaders and has positive predictions for the future.

Cloud computing is a great innovation in the digital and most talked about IT trends today. This is because cloud computing has helped several enterprises (mainly for small to medium sized business) to save money while adding to the convenience of the users. Cloud computing offers user economies of efficiency and scale. The word Cloud’ refers to the internet, which means Cloud Computing is an internet where services are delivered to the users via internet. The cloud development space is growing and will continue further. It is set to transform how we move up and how we do business in the digital value chain.

Indian government has launched an innovative initiative named as Smart Cities Mission that enables local development by applying technology for creating smart outcomes. Government of India has recognized the importance of cloud-based service-delivery platforms for launching the foundation of Digital India, as it integrates and infrastructure, smart devices and processes data from the large amount of distribute sources in real time.

Cloud computing is one of the rising up field which will bring a lot of job opportunities in coming days. In India, cloud Computing is a popular new trend in technology sector and will can bring up a very bright career in this field. Besides this, it also helps people in managing internet data. The users of Cloud Computing do not need any software or hardware. This technology is opening many career scopes. According to a report, India may offer more than 1 Lakh jobs in the field of Cloud Computing.

For India, has a direct beneficial effect to SMBs (small to medium sized businesses). Cloud computing employs 40% of the workforce and is growing at a rate of 8% per year. In India, it is offering huge potential for industries to grow and opening new opportunities. Verticals such as banking, education, healthcare, retail, railways, manufacturing, etc. They have applications to cloud services for better performance and optimized reach as well as scalability and elasticity.

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  1. Cloud computing is a tremendous innovation in the digital landscape.

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