Introduction to WPF

In this post, I’m explaining about WPF.

What is WPF?

WPF stands for windows presentation foundation. It’s a vector-based graphical subsystem used to render user interface (UI) in window-based application.

Reason to switch to WPF:

1.       WPF has the ability to separate UI from logic effectively.

2.       WPF has an inbuilt storyboarding feature and animation models.

3.       Data binding is very much better than with the WinForms application.

4.       WPF supports 3D graphics to make UIs look really special.

5.       WPF supports various types of media such as video, 3D content and animations.

6.       WPF enables programmers to develop much to the application in completely declarative model, using XML.

7.       WPF has far more effective control creation and reusability features that provide greater flexibility to developer in building UIS.

8.       Powerful data binding, much better than with the windows application.


What is XAML?

XAML, which stands for Extensible Application Markup language. It’s a simple language based on XML to create and initialize .NET object with hierarchical relation. It was originally invented for WPF it can be used to create any kind of object trees.

XAML is used to create user interfaces in WPF, Silverlight, declare workflows in WF and for electronic paper in the XPS standards.


All classes in WPF have parameterless constructors and make excessive usage of properties.


Advantages of XAML

XAML code is short and clear to read.

Separation of designer code and logic

Graphical design tools like Expression Blend require XMAL as source.

The separation of XMAL and UI logic allows it to clearly separate the roles of designer and developer.

Types of XAML:

WPF XAML:  encompasses the elements that describes WPF content, such as vector graphics control, and documents.

XPS XAML:  is the part of WPF XAML that defines an XML representation for formatted electronic documents.

Silverlight XAML: is a subset of WPF XAML that’s intended for Silverlight applications.

Silverlight is cross-platform browser plug-in that allows us to create rich web content.

WF XAML: encompasses the elements that describes windows workflow foundation.

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