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Premium AOL Support Phone Number & Benefits

AOL Customer 566 25-Jul-2019

American Online (AOL) is a well-known online web portal service provider with its headquarter in the heart of the United States, New York City. AOL mail services not only provide mailing services but also various other features, some are paid & some are free..! Some of those tools are AOL Instant Messenger, AOL Video’s, and AOL Local CityGuide. Furthermore, Xdrive is also one of the most useful features that permit the user to build back up files over the internet. But according to a survey report, it has been noticed that a large number of AOL users face frustrating errors & bugs time-to-time in their daily lives. In such a situation, it’s highly observed that AOL users seek assistance from an eminent AOL certified team of techies and experts. In this scenario, contact them at AOL Support Phone Number now.

Premium AOL Support Phone Number & Benefits

AOL Problems

See some of the AOL issues that appear quite frequently. Here we enlisted some of them below: -

  1. The discrepancy in Retrieving or Reading Mails
  2. Unable to View Images
  3. Not Receiving Mail via AOL
  4. Missing or Lost Emails

Potential Steps to Fix the AOL Mail Troubles

Follow the potential manual solution of each of the AOL problems: -

1. Not Receiving Mail via AOL

  • To fix the hitch related with AOL mail receiving; users need to pursue and try a few of the steps. In this case, it might be possible that AOL user can sign-in and read the formerly received mail but not receiving any new mail.

2.  Verify the Filters

  • Verify the filters and ensure that the mails are organized in a correct manner. Filters occasionally bypass the new emails from inbox to the trash or some other folder.

Note: If you get stuck in critical AOL mail problems – get in touch with the AOL Phone Number.

3.  Verify Emails in Spam Folder

  • If you observe the emails into the spam folder that doesn’t supposed to be there. Mark those mails as “not spam”.
  • Enter the password & username on the AOL login/sign-in page. Tap on the “Enter” tab.
  • Click on the “Spam Folder”.
  • Select the mail that user detect aren’t spam.
  • Later, choose the “Not Spam” icon.

4. The discrepancy in Retrieving or Reading Mails

If at any occasion, AOL users are incapable or experiencing a difficulty in reading or retrieving the emails..! It’s essential for user to apply the fixation steps shown below: -

  1. Reset Web Settings

Due to manifold browser installations over a single system may cause this trouble to pop-up on the PC. Therefore, user can change the general web settings despite altering the entire web browser setting on the system

    2. Disable Protected Mode in the Internet Explorer

By default protected mode stays enable in the internet explorer and interfere in the AOL mail. Follow the steps shown given below to disable or turn off the protected mode: -

  • Choose the “Tools” icon.
  • Select the “Internet Options” tab.
  • Choose the “Security” tab.
  • Unmark the “Enable Protected Mode”.
  • Restart the Internet Explorer.
  • Later, sign-in/log in the AOL Mail again.

For AOL mail troubles, users can dial the AOL Support Phone Number for a better solution immediately.

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