VoIP in 2019

What is VoIP? 

VoIP technology was invented a long time ago. But now, it is gaining huge significance all around the world. It is especially becoming famous in organizational phone services. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is very interesting to note that VoIP phones can work anywhere, provided there is an internet connection.

How VoIP works?

VoIP works in a way that it detects your voice and then converts it into digital signals. Then using the network, these signals are sent across the internet to the VoIP service provider. After that, your VoIP service provider will transfer your signals to the public phone network. As a result, the person at the other end of the line will be able to hear you. It will be just like a ‘normal phone call.’ The same process happens when the person on the other end talks back. The voice signals are transmitted digitally over the internet.

 Some VoIP service providers give you the facility to plug your mobile phone into their network. These special phones are charged with the help of an AC adapter. They can also be powered by using the Ethernet wire. There are some other network service providers which allow the user to plug into their PC. By this way, they can call with the help of ‘Soft Phone’ app.

Nowadays, a lot of organizations and companies are opting for VoIP services. This is because VoIP services are less expensive as compared to traditional phone services. Moreover, VoIP provides flexible call routing. This means that an employee can sign in from any place like office, home or hotel room and have his or her calls routed. The employee is connected irrespective of his or her location. VoIP provides flexibility to the organizations as well as reduces the cost of communication.

Also, VoIP service providers offer the facility of virtual fax servers. With the help of this, the companies do not require the traditional fax machines. The service provider detects the incoming fax and diverts it to the e-mail address as specified by you or the sender of the fax.

You can try a unique and enhanced cloud communication platform for your effective business communications.

Reasons to Switch to VoIP for your Business

Voice over IP is a revolutionary telecommunication solution. It can prove to be a significant advantage for organizations. It is a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. It provides the advantage of affordability and flexibility to small businesses and the advantage of employees working in remote locations for large organizations.

Below are the reasons to switch to VoIP for your Business:

Better Call Quality: VoIP technology is a revolutionary one. If it is appropriately implemented then, people can enjoy the clear and excellent quality of the call. You can experience good call quality from any location. It is interesting to note that a properly implemented VoIP provides better quality calls as compared to traditional phone services.

Varied Solutions: VoIP provides you with varied solutions for the ease of business communication for your organization. Apart from using VoIP for voice calls, you can use it for messaging, video calling, video conferencing, fax, voicemail and much more. The varied solutions provided by VoIP are beneficial for your business.

Reliable Communications: A good VoIP solution is designed by keeping security in mind. They have encryptions which help to keep your phone calls and the data transmitted to be safe. Always make sure that the VoIP service you are opting for provides encryption.

Flexibility: To stay connected with the help of VoIP, all you need to have is an internet connection. Your physical location does not matter. Having an internet connection will help you to stay connected with your colleagues or team members at work.

Call Recording: The call recording feature is extremely useful for you and your office members. No one will ever miss an important update or information with the help of call recording service enabled by VoIP. You can easily keep a track of what important things were dictated during a call.

Better Productivity: With the help of VoIP you can have better quality calls and from anywhere on the world. This improves availability and thus increases the productivity of the employees. The employees can have better control over the phone line and the way they use it. For, eg, they can choose the number of times the phone rings before transferring to voicemail or forward calls automatically to another number and much more. This will also result in improving productivity.

Scalability: The scalability of VoIP is also a major advantage. You can easily contract or expand it with respect to your business needs.

VoIP is good for communication solutions for all businesses. VoIP can prove to be effective for enterprise voice communications. If you are still facing problems with quality of calls, you can try enhanced Voice API.

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