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What is AOL Desktop Gold?

 AOL Desktop Gold is handy, multi-tasking desktop to enjoy mailing, browsing, content and recently updated with premium security features. With this, it helps to secure your AOL account from getting hacked. The AOL Update also includes automatic update saving your time and space on your system.  

AOL Gold Reviews  

  •  AOL Gold is packed with various premium features all in one. 
  • It allows to navigate AOL and do stuff like browsing, checks email read content.
  • It is designed keeping users in mind, your mail, passwords, toolbars can be easily transferred
  • Users need not worry to install new updates.
  • Users can easily save space and time as AOL are always alert whenever the new updates are released.
  • It has best security features so with AOL Desktop Gold account you can protect your account from hackers.
  • Is has two-step verification and encryption allows to protects the user's personal info from being read or stolen.
  • It gives day and night live support.
  • Any issue may it be a connectivity or customizing toolbar someone will be there to resolve your problem.

AOL Desktop Gold Download

Some requirements AOL Desktop Gold needs while downloading- 

  1. Computer Processor- 266 MHz or above 
  2. RAM- 1024 MB
  3. Hard disk space- 512 MB space
  4. Screen Resolution- 1024*768 or higher
  5. Web Browser- Latest Version

Click here for Download AOL Desktop Gold.

The steps to download includes-

  1. The existing users need to click on Download, as its free of cost. 
  2. In case of problem call on our toll-free number and let professionals download AOL Desktop Gold on your system.
  3. Once, AOL Gold finished with downloading, click on the file and follow onscreen instructions.
  4. Mention AOL credentials when flashed.
  5. In “All Products Section” scroll down and choose “AOL Desktop Gold”.
  6. Lastly, Click on “install AOL Gold Desktop” and go ahead with instructions.

AOL Desktop Gold Problems

AOL Desktop Gold is extravagant software but somehow it also deals with few issues that indirectly frustrates users. Given below are some common issues AOL Gold faces-

  • AOL Desktop Gold mail missing error.
  • AOL Desktop Gold download error / AOL Error code 104.
  • How to update AOL Desktop Gold?
  • The slow speed of AOL Desktop Gold software.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework version update error.
  • How to import and export personal mail data to another computer error?
  • AOL Desktop Gold internet connection issue.
  • Ways to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Common Issues

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold error?

  • Initially, you need to check the overall requirements of the system while downloading AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Remove malware and virus or suspicious files with antivirus software.
  • Delete junk files and check the HDD space of your computer.
  • Regular deletion of cache, cookies, and history of the web browser.

Can we resolve slow speed of AOL Desktop Gold?

➔ You need to remove cache files and create space for HDD of the computer.

➔ Free up RAM space.

➔ Remove different viruses with Antivirus.

How to resolve AOL Desktop Gold mail missing issue?

➔ Cross-check your internet connection.

➔ Check your spam folder.

➔ How can you solve the AOL icon missing issue?

➔ Navigate on the system tray and right click it.

➔ Click on a sign (tiny triangle) that will bring a list of problems.

➔ Now, you need to search for AOL Gold list and right click on it.

➔ Choose to create shortcuts to restore icon of AOL Desktop Gold on your system.

➔ If the steps mentioned above are not helpful, reinstall the software.

What to do if AOL Desktop Gold not responding?

➔ Restart your system

➔ Clear all junk, unwanted files.

➔ Install Antivirus software and remove doubtful files.

➔ If the above-mentioned steps are not workable, you need to opt reinstall process.

Do I have to upgrade to AOL desktop gold?

If a notice comes at your door to have an active Desktop Gold and you don't desire to do so. Then, you can easily access your emails and other info with your old version AOL Desktop Gold. But, if you want to use the latest upgraded feature then in this context you need to upgrade the software.

AOL Desktop Gold monthly fee

AOL Desktop Gold partners with top-notch security and protection to help and provide al in one service to the customers keeping data secured from online threats. Invests the plan that is suitable to allow you to browse, shop and bank online in a more peaceful way. If you need more information regarding the fee structure and information about the products then you need to contact us.


With this current scenario of digital technology, AOL Gold Desktop moves forward with it. In the above article, we have mentioned reviews and issues of AOL Gold briefly. If you need any assistance to connect to us and get your query solved.

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