Gravity Light

What is Gravity Light?

Gravity Light is the concept of using the gravitational force to generate electricity or power. The ‘Gravity Light’ is designed to replace the use of Kerosene lamps and provide an eco-friendly environment. The power is generated by using weight and using the Kinetic Energy as to form power.

The Gravity powered light lamp was designed by the company “Deciwatt”. The company used a bag filled with rocks and attaching the bag with a cord. It is quite similar to the wall clock which drives the movement of Cuckoo due to weight. It allows to power the light for about twenty minutes. This method of generating power is very cheap and eco-friendly. As the Kerosene Lamp is not environment-friendly and its fumes are very hazardous to health. The inhalation of fumes is equal to smoking two packets of Cigarettes every day. The concept of Gravity Light is very safe, clean, and affordable alternative to the kerosene lamp.

Gravity Light

The Gravity Light Lamp is designed in such a way that, it is hanged to a fixture in a house. It uses a bag filled with heavy rocks. The bag descends drives a generator through a gearbox which provides direct electrical power to the single LED light. As well as, multiple lights can be connected with it i.e. about 4. The Gravity Light also support to break the Poverty Cycle as well as empower children and adults as it provides a safer and healthier way at night.

Gravity Light

How does Gravity Light work?  

Originally, the Gravity Light is hung in the room and attached with a weighted bag to a hook at its bottom. The bag is filled with up to 9Kg of rocks, sand or soil. Then slowly, the filled bag is winched up and gradually descends at a rate of about 1mm per second. This phenomenon powers the low-speed high-torque drive sprocket, which runs through the gear-train to drive a DC generator at thousands of rotations per minute. The strength of light can be adjusted from long-lasting low-level lightning to strong lightning.

The light power up to 600 and 800 lumens, which is almost equal to the power of a 40-watt bulb. When the weight slowly moves to the bottom of the lamp, the light goes off, and require to start the chain of inputs again to get the power, so it requires to put the weight bag again back to its initial position. The brightness of Gravity light is about 5 times brighter than the normal Kerosene lamp.

Gravity Light

Benefits of Gravity Light

1. The source of energy from gravity is endless, it doesn’t require to import from any specific country, just mine it, refine it, and grow it.

2. The Gravity Light is inexpensive to use.

3. It has no operating charges involved with it.

4. No other source of power or batteries is required to power the light over the Gravity Light concept.

5. The Gravity Light, not only powers LED bulbs, but also powers small devices like radios and other small electrical devices, as well as can recharge batteries.

6. The Gravity light is completely self-contained. It doesn’t require any outside energy to produce the lamp components in the first place.

7. Produces power more bright than normal Kerosene light lamp.

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