The Benefits of Weighted Shirts (TITIN Review)

The brand TITIN is involved in the making of the shirts which gives weights on the extremities. This helps the athletes to improve their inertial mass. Though this method the athletes do not have any kind of restriction or do not have to compromise. The weighted shirt will help in evenly distributing the weight load across your body. Thus, wearing a weighted shirt like Goku will help you get fit without causing damage to your joints.

Titin weighted shirt

The compression shirt system

The TITIN force full weighted shirt system is actually a weighted compression shirt system. Research shows it helps in increasing the endurance and the speed of the athlete. In addition to that wearing, the TITIN shirt will help in improving the strength of the body too. Since it is designed in such a way as to make the workout comfortable the athlete can perform all natural movements in this in case of any kind of training program. This is possible because there is one-inch width provided during the make.

The features of the TITIN weighted shirt

This is the only weighted compression shirt system present in the world. There are 14 pockets which are placed on the shirt in a strategic way so as to place the 8 pounds of hydro-gel inserts in both the upper arms as well as the upper body. It is a three-part shirt which is for heavy-duty. It also comes with the zippered inner shirt. In order to increase blood circulation, there is the compression lock which is supported by the double-stitching has helped to lock the weight. It can be worked hot and it can be worked cold too. The heating or the cooling can be done both after the workout or even during the workout.

This shirt system will help in all heavy intensity training programs also. Since the shirt helps in adding the right weight to all the necessary places, it helps in enhancing the speed as well as the endurance for the workouts. Thus increases the overall result of the workout. The weighted shirt can be worn during workouts as well as during the training sessions.

There is also the outer compression shirt which comes with moisture lock which enhances the grip and keeps weights in its place during the workout. The 14 pockets are designed in such a way so as to rightly distribute the weight across the entire upper body. The zipper also helps in taking off the inner shirt easily. The weighted shirt comes with the patented technology and hence it cannot be found in any other product or in any other brand.

Titin weighted shirt


A Sorbtek Polyester shirt is kept inside which come with pockets. These pockets help in holding the weighted gel packs in its place. In order to support the heavy intensity workouts, there is the compression shirt which covers the pocketed shirt. The 14 gel packs which are present in the shirt system will increase the force of the gravity which is applied to the muscle group. This full weighted compression shirt system comes generally in the black color.

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