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Internet, Social Media and Terrorism

Internet, Social Media and Terrorism

HARIDHA P 97 12-Dec-2022

Social media and terrorism have had two of the fastest-growing effects on human life in the last ten years. As technology and the internet have developed, social media has emerged as one of the most technologically contagious ailments, affecting people of all ages, from 8 to 80. The use of this technological tool is not far behind that of the international terrorists. Terrorism and the media have long been linked together. 

The open media networks of democratic nations are extensively reliant on by terrorist organisations to disseminate their message and goals in the gadget age. Terrorist organisations undertake violent and aggressive behaviours that specifically target civilians to draw attention to their cause.

The ability to attract attention with this technique has been demonstrated.

Global terrorists have a platform thanks to social media to spread their message to as many people as they can at once. The platform is so massive that it can instantly reach billions of people, which aids terrorists in influencing impressionable minds in favour of terrorism by inspiring them based on factors such as religion, caste, creed, colour, and even economic circumstance. The many international terrorist organisations regularly release a large number of violent and terroristic act tapes.

Many terrorist leaders even publish movies in which they attempt to spread their message by giving innocent people the inaccurate interpretation of various religions' holy texts and by incorrectly misrepresenting their leader's teachings. The public release of the audio and video recordings of Osama bin Laden is one prominent illustration of the interaction between terror organisations and the media. These videos were delivered immediately to Al-Jazeera and other well-known Arabic television networks.

Internet memes, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and other social media have all shown that ISIS is a social media whiz. As they marched into the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, its posting activity increased during a recent offensive, hitting a record-breaking high of nearly 40,000 tweets in one day.

Twitter tried to fight ISIS by suspending more than 1,000 accounts it thought had ties to terrorism. Its foot warriors contribute amateur movies and photos every day, which are then spread globe by common users and major news organizations.

It's interesting to see how ISIS uses hashtags because they emphasize group communications and branding ideas. In order to find new members for their organization, ISIS even uses social media.

Finally, it is clear that we must not put up with anyone inciting us on social media in the name of GOD, Color, Creed, etc. We ought to stand as one.

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