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Functions and Operations on MindStick Q&A Different from Forum

Functions and Operations on MindStick Q&A Different from Forum

Let us know what is a Forum first? 

The forum comes under the Developer Section at MindStick, this is a kind of technical group where we can discuss our technical issues and queries, and get the appropriate information we require. Users can ask any sort of technical question and can answer as well to any question asked by any user. 

  1. The forum contains only questions & answers.
  2. You cannot add images to any question or answer at Forum.
  3. The forum doesn't acquire any kind of promotional content (Q&A). 
  4. No need to add linking to your question and answers at Forum
  5. You can reply to multiple answers to any question. 

Hence, the limits using the forum in respective to MindStick Q&A is quite moderate. That is why people choose Q&A instead of the forum to be specific and clear.

MindStick offers you multiple options to share your forums, blogs, articles, news on its Developer Section. MindStick offers content sharing facilities to its 3 major platforms - 

  • MindStick (Developer Section) 
  • MindStick Q&A
  • YourViews

How is MindStick Q&A different from Forum -

MindStick Q&A

MindStick Q&A is a Sub-portal of the Official MindStick site. Q&A platform is an online website that strives to answer/questions asked by any of the anonymous users, employees, or business professionals across the globe. (Q&A stands for "Question and Answer") At MindStick Q&A you can ask as well as the answer to the asked questions subjectively and comprehensively. A question is an expression that typically operates as a request for information, data, and knowledge that is demanded to be provided in the form of the answer. 

Functions and Operations on MindStick Q&A Different from Forum

Questions, as well as answers submitted on MindStick Q&A, are not restricted to any topics, you can freely question or answers any of the topics you desire. It could be Political, History, Society, Sports, Career, General Knowledge, etc. 

There are 4 types of questions asked on MindStick Q&A:

  1. General or Yes/No Questions - Simple questions that can be answered simplistically like “yes” or “no” are logically called yes/no questions.
  2. Special or Wh-Questions - A specific question, as you can assume, uses a particular word at the start of the sentence to ask a particular question. The questions words who, why, where, what, when, how, how many, etc.
  3. Choice Questions - Choice questions are questions that offer a choice of different choices such as an answer (you may recall them from your exams as multiple-choice questions). They are built up of two parts, which are connected by the conjunction "OR".
  4. Disjunctive or Tag Questions - These questions are also made up of two parts, In which the first component is a positive statement, and the second part is negative, or vice-versa.

Functions and Operations on MindStick Q&A Different from Forum

Note: While posting your Questions or Answers on MindStick Q&A you should be pretty clear that you must submit your question only from the question box and answers from the answers box, make sure that you're not posting your answer from the question box or comment box.    

Click on the following link to reach MindStick Q&A.

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