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Tips for Posting a Standard View on MindStick's YourViews Portal

Tips for Posting a Standard View on MindStick's YourViews Portal

MindStick Software Pvt Ltd 801 22-Mar-2021


YourViews is a Sub-portal of the Official MindStick site, it is a platform on MindStick which is correlated to opinion writing that does not require objectivity. Although divided from advocacy writing in various ways, both patterns emphasize a subjective viewpoint, usually with any social or political objectives. YourViews also provides you a solution tab where you can also submit your solution regarding the following topic. solution refers to the outcome or the charge concerning the following topic. 

Click on the following link to reach YourViews.

MindStick offers you multiple options to share your blogs, articles, news on its Developer Section. MindStick offers content sharing facilities to its 3 major platforms - 

Tips for Posting a Standard View on MindStick

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Things to keep in mind while posting a View on MindStick's YourViews - 


Your content must be distinctive, self-written and the writer must make sure it should be free from plagiarism.


Formatting plays a significant role in your content sharing procedure, your content should be very well-formatted, with the headings, images, links, and pointers, which also make your content impressive and readable. 


YourViews only welcomes opinion-based content which comprises the writer's viewpoint and perspective regarding the mentioned topic.


It should be always clear that whatever content you create should be meaningful, and can reach your target audience and their mind, one reading your content could relate or understand the exact meaning delivered by the content. 

Not Too Much Lengthy

Too much lengthy content always gets dumped and no one wishes to read it, so don't forget to make it descriptive. Reader vising your content understand the algorithm and definitely spend some time to read it. 

Added Images & Heading

As mentioned earlier that adding images and heading creates well-formatted content that not only looks attractive but also readable. 


Your content must be delivered with the sense of a knowledgeable point of view, try posting content that renders remarkable knowledge. 


Writing content must also include observational key elements, which always let the audience dive into your content. 

Must Not Be Promotional

Specifically, you don't write such contents which is promotional, MindStick doesn't allow any promotional content as of now. 

Content Editing

There's a time limit of 72 hours in which you can edit your content posted on the YourViews portal. Once you had posted your content you can edit your write-up multiple times but inside that given period of time of which is of three days only.

Solution Explainable

The solution button is the act of fixing a problem; discovering the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing, and picking alternatives for a solution; and achieving a solution. Try penning down your whole write-up which demands to be solved, so by using the solution button one could state his/her solution to fix the problem.

Pay For Write-Ups

You don't have to pay for Writing your content at YourViews, it works as a social media platform, you need not worry about sending bucks for writing your opinion-based content. 

MindStick's also has its one of the major Sub-Portals called MindStick Q&A - 

MindStick Q&A is a Sub-portal of the Official MindStick site. Q&A platform is an online website that strives to answer questions asked by any of the anonymous users, employees, or business professionals across the globe. (Q&A stands for 'question and answer') At MindStick Q&A you can ask as well as the answer to the asked questions subjectively and comprehensively. 

Click on the following link to reach MindStick Q&A.

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