MindStick allows other Content Sharing Portal Rather than a Blog?

MindStick allows other Content Sharing Portal Rather than a Blog?

MindStick is well known for its guest posting services. Similar to blog MindStick offers you multiple options to share your blogs, articles, news on its Developer Section. MindStick offers content sharing facilities to its 3 major platforms - 

Blog at MindStick - 

Blogging refers to writing, photography, and additional media that used to be self-published online before, blogging started as an occasion for individuals to formulate diary-style writing, whereas it has been consolidated into websites for many companies.

MindStick allows other Content Sharing Portal Rather than a Blog?

There are a few more sections you can share your contents at the Developer Section of MindStick: 

Articles at MindStick - 

An article is a part of writing written for broad readers. The main purpose behind composing an article is that it should be published on a larger scale and in between the major audience to make some variation to the world. It may be the issues of interest of the author or it may be correlated to some current issues. The topic can either be serious or non-serious; the Same goes for its pitch and writing style. Follow the below rules to write an excellent article. 

News at MindStick - 

The news comes under the Developer Section of the MindStick page, this allows you to post news from all across the world, it must relate to new technologies, gadgets, and intelligence from all over the world. News reaches the viewers in less time as viewers and readers seek the information as well as the hot topic around the globe.

Forum at MindStick - 

The forum comes under the Developer Section at MindStick, this is a kind of technical group where we can discuss our technical issues and queries, and get the appropriate information we require. Users can ask any sort of technical question and can answer as well to any question asked by any user. 

Interview at MindStick -

An interview also comes under the Developer Section at MindStick, which lets us read as well as post some technical questions or mostly related to the programming, which is beneficial for us in so many ways.

Beginner at MindStick - 

Beginner comes under the Developer Section at MindStick. The beginner is similar to the article, the only difference between a beginner and an article is that a beginner post is written under the guidance of any professional, and only written by a student or child fond of writing. This allows you to post your article in the optional category of a beginner if you aren't a professional yet. 

Share at MindStick - 

Share is the platform where you can post your pre-posted content in the form of a URL. 

MindStick's Two Major Content Sharing Sub-Portals are - 

MindStick Q&A

MindStick Q&A is a Sub-portal of the Official MindStick site. Q&A platform is an online website that strives to answer questions asked by any of the anonymous users, employees, or business professionals across the globe. (Q&A stands for 'question and answer') At MindStick Q&A you can ask as well as the answer to the asked questions subjectively and comprehensively. 

Click on the following link to reach MindStick Q&A.


YourViews is a Sub-portal of the Official MindStick site, it is a platform on MindStick which is correlated to opinion writing that does not require objectivity. Although divided from advocacy writing in various ways, both patterns emphasize a subjective viewpoint, usually with any social or political objectives. YourViews also provides you a solution tab where you can also submit your solution regarding the following topic. solution refers to the outcome or the charge concerning the following topic. 

Click on the following link to reach YourViews.

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