How To enhance the E-commerce App Development Process

How To enhance the E-commerce App Development Process

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The ecommerce trend has tremendous growth since 2016. Users are now shifting from websites to mobile apps at a fast rate. Because the website takes lots of time to download its content. Being tired of server issues, users are now preferring only mobile apps. The growth of mobile has taken a major increasing rate in 2016. Since then, it is continuously growing and catering to our society.

In 2016, the total share of ecommerce in the market was 52.4 percent. In 2017 it was 58.9 percent, In 2018 it was 63.5 5 percent, in 2019 it was 70.04 percent and in 2020 it is 72.9 percent. These figures clearly tell us the ecommerce apps are continuously growing their share in the market. As per emarketer, ecommerce has extended by 44 percent which generated $26. 460 trillion in 2020.

But surprisingly, China and India are behind in ecommerce app market share. Some countries that have grown their ecommerce share are Malaysia, Philippines and Spain by 20 percent. The leading countries like Asia-pacific and North America have a large share of retail and ecommerce sales. In this article, we will talk about how we can better our ecommerce mobile app development company process to grow the ecommerce market share.

Enhance your E-commerce App Development Process

The ecommerce is like an online shop where you list products and optimize them as per users. The final goal of your online shop is to boost conversion. Here we will see some methods through which you can boost your online store conversion and enhance your app development process.

1. Tracking Option

This option informs users about their product journey. The user can track its product and set their availability. The main purpose of ecommerce apps are timely delivery so always optimize this optimise this for better user experience.

2. Reviews & Ratings

There is a feedback menu within the app. So always check your app reviews and ratings. Reply positively to negative comments. The users believe different opinions of other users.

3. Payment Support

Always put options like cash on delivery and different modes of payment. This allows users to pay from their own convenience. The app functions should be simple and easy for efficient payments.

4. User Account

The ecommerce app should allow users to make their own profile. The profile helps users not to mention address details again and again while doing new purchases. The profile has a history of transactions and address details.

5. Security & Privacy

While doing payments, we put our confidential data. So always keep the data of customers private and secure. The users provide their address details and interest so these things should be confidential.

6. Scalability & Stability

Always check your ecommerce app potential. When you have enough visitors on your app, audit your app capacity to manage workload. The app should be stable in the competitive market. Optimize your app to remain stable.

7. A well-coordinated Team

The ecommerce app should have a well-coordinated team. All the team members should have balanced decision making. The project manager, UI/UX designer, iOS Developers, Android Developers, Backend Developers and Quality Tester should be well coordinated.


The ecommerce app should be well-performing considering the recent competition in the market. The apps should give users personalized content which captivate them to purchase the product. The ecommerce apps have enough competition in the market so always take care of your existing customers by providing above described options. Hope we have explained the basics of the ecommerce app development process.

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