The Role of Mobile Apps in Digital Transformation

The Role of Mobile Apps in Digital Transformation

So, you have a website to increase sales and some laptops to go with your work processes and you think you are digitally forward. No, my friend you are mistaken. What you need to understand is that, ‘Digital transformation’ is an all encompassing journey of technology-based evolution of companies, that comprises not only developing online presence, but also streamlining work processes that can increase overall company efficiency.

Though, it may not seem a very return-friendly option to you as of now, ‘Digital Transformation’ lack could become a reason for your business to be left behind and lose out on customers altogether, in the coming times.

A good product is no more enough for success. Customer support, customer management and overall customer experience are equally important; and digital transformation helps achieve them seamlessly.

Mobile Apps are intrinsic to Digital Transformation

Mobile apps are one of the most accessible and easy to use digital assets nowadays. They thus, form an intrinsic part of all digital business transformation roadmaps, through all verticals and work scopes. Let us discuss their usage in detail:

Everybody is acquainted with Mobile Apps

Since, more than half of the global population are unique smartphone users spending 3 to 4 hours a day on the various mobile apps on an average; mostly everyone out there knows how to use a mobile app. This makes the overall process of digital transformation; easier for business employees to adjust to.

Moreover, smartphones are now the mobile extension of everyone's lives. With most millennials operating their bank accounts, classes, meetings, shoppings, groceries, etc. through mobile apps; it makes sense to provide operability of digital functionalities through apps, both for your employees within and your customers outside the organization.

Better scope of CRM

Mobile apps ensure that a small snippet of your business stays with your customers within their smartphones. This will help you as a business to stay in direct contact with them through timely notifications and content updations, leading to better CRM. Global reports have hence proven that Mobile Apps help garner better and loyal customers than any other online presence option.

Better Market Understanding

When a business launches its mobile apps for its customers, it also opens up an avenue to expand into global markets and track data of users that download the mobile app; helping to analyse their usage, expectations and requirement trends. This data helps businesses to stay viable for a long time to come.

Better User Experience

With evolving technologies and hordes of mobile apps to compete with; businesses are using newer design and development strategies to make their mobile apps more and more user-centric. Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ensure that not only customers download these business apps, but also open and utilize them for their specialized functionalities. Even the employees of your company tend to use these mobile apps (with a good user experience) more as a business tool.

Ensures Safer Data and Developments

Due to their extensive fame and usage, mobile apps and their development technologies have been developed to a great degree. Their hackers and technologies to safeguard them further have also increased with similar aplomb. Concepts like blockchain, login Id’s, app rights and permissions, amongst others ensure that data is easily secured within mobile app functionalities and is not let loose for hackers to view and analyze.

Smarter decision making with the Inclusion of AI

Artificial Intelligence helps machines and other technology products become smarter. Similarly, inclusion of AI to streamline your business processes through mobile apps will also ensure that your business too runs better with smarter decision making. AI will help you analyze market, user trends and expectations in the coming times and help you analyze the current scope of markets and future evolution requirements for growth. For instance, a business that is facing too many uninstalls, can track user data to understand the reasons for these uninstalls and utilize AI to analyze the correct user behavior patterns. Requisite changes can then be made in the app to promote viewership and sales.

Mobile Apps will stand in the ‘Center’ of your Digital Transformation Process

As per a recent Forbes study, more than 40% of all technology related spendings by businesses shall go towards ‘Digital Transformation’, which its executives feel shall bear fruit in the upcoming 3 to 5 years. So, if you are thinking of employing its functionalities within your work fabric, do not wait for ‘the time’ to come. As the digital transformation time is already here. When deploying the same through mobile apps; first lookout for processes that require streamlining the most or lookout for business aspects wherein technology will have maximum developmental effects for you to witness. Rest will be a pathway to charter, with several milestones on the way. 

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