Everything that you do in the digital world is merely focused at convincing the audience! After all, you invested a good amount of budget in creating a website so you can sell your product or service.

However, grasping the attention of the world’s population is no easy feat.  

Everyday, people are interacting with more than a million things, and you need to make sure that your product has that element which clicks! Seldom are brands able to do that, but when they do, it is a concrete win-win for them. It results in creating a continuous profit generating system for them.  

It brings us back to that very question, what is it that attracts the attention of customers? 


Yes, a well thought out, perfectly designed, persuasive content strategy can really work wonders for your business. In this post, I am going to tell you how you can attract the attention of your customers.  

All you need to do is brainstorm the perfect strategy.  

What is Content Marketing Strategy & Why is it Important for Businesses?  

Content marketing strategy is the subtle art of researching, creating, publishing and promoting valuable content which can attract your customers. Content is not only limited to written words, it has transformed over the years. Content now is of many types. It exists in the form of audio and video. It can exist in the form of podcasts as well as in the form of marketing videos.

Content is not limited to mere words, it packs a range of variations.  

No matter how much diverse your content is, your end goal should always be focused at converting the audience. One of the key element that makes every content marketing strategy a success is quality. Without good quality content, even the most effectively designed strategy succumb to failure.  

According to Julia McCoy of the Content Marketing Institute brands which focuses on the quality of their content are more likely to observe thrice the leads compared to paid advertising.  

That’s the power of true content marketing.  

Often times, you are aware of the fact that your business needs a robust marketing strategy but you are not really sure where to start. Here’s a brief step-by-step outline to understand the process.  

Step # 1: Perform a Thorough Keyword Research 

Most marketers believe that keywords are an old thing. But, they mostly forget that keywords are just about everything which Google can track to help you with your search. When a person types a string of information, it comprises of certain keywords which the Google addresses to understand user’s search. Marketers usually perform a thorough research to find what is trending in niches.

Based on their research, they then optimize their website content with such keywords strategically.  

How do marketers search these keywords?  

They make use of keyword research tools such as UberSuggest, Ahrefs, and SEMRush Tool. They find a single primary keyword and then they find their related keywords with less keyword difficulty.  

Step # 2: Create a Master Spreadsheet to Outline Potential Topics 

Organize a spreadsheet with all the relevant primary and related keywords. You can use this template spreadsheet to create rank worthy content. Just pick suitable keywords from the list and add them to different content pieces. Most marketers create content topics around these keywords.

These topics are not only trending but are also quite helpful in quickly ranking website at the top. Google favors relevance more than anything. And with the latest RankBrain technology, it even takes relevancy a one step further. If your content has irrelevant backlinks, its pushed down the rank 

Hence, marketers make sure that there topics are in line with their specified keywords.  

Step # 3: Outline the Content of Articles & Create More Sub-Topics 

Once, you have organized your spreadsheet, then pick any particular topic and create an outline for it. Create multiple sub-topics in your respective outline and add them to your master spreadsheet.

In this way, you can now link your secondary keywords with these sub-topics and you can even add those links to your primary articles. It will create a grid for your other articles and a strong linking.  

In this way, when a reader will come to your website, they will not only acknowledge themselves. But, they will also move in the right direction creating a greater impact by staying on your website.  

To make your article more buzzworthy add as many statistics as you can. You can list them while performing your research in your particular master spreadsheet to create more engaging content.  

Step # 4: Time to Reach out the Right Influencers 

Once, you have invested your time in writing the perfect piece, just move on to the next step and gather around potential influencers. A content piece which is quite well written and does not get seen is nothing more than a waste of time and energy. After all, you don’t want to lose your efforts now.

One way is to mention famous brands and people in your content. For example, if you are in the custom logo design business, then you can always reach out to different designers who favor logo design by mentioning them in one of your articles. Ask them politely to share your content and acquire a good amount of traffic in return. The more you contact, the more traffic you create.  

Asking your influencers is not wrong, but pestering them is. If they don’t respond back, choose another option. There are plenty of them available out there in the world!  

Step # 5: Take Out Sometime for Creating Powerful Internal Links 

Last but not least, take out some time for internal linking. When you are creating content and publishing it, don’t forget to check whether your piece can be interlinked elsewhere on the blog.

By creating internal links, you will increase the chance of your customers to stay with you. Instead of skipping to another platform, they can instead reach out to different other articles from your recently published one. In this way, you can save your bounce rate and at the same time increase your chances of conversion. By using interactive Call to Actions and powerful messaging, you can hit them right at the spot! Out of every 100 visitors maybe 5 or 10 can easily fill up forms and turn leads.  

So this is my five step methodology to creating the most perfect content strategy! I hope you liked it.  

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