How To Write SEO  Friendly Blog

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog

SEO Friendly Blog 

The blog is one thing but writing SEO friendly blog is another thing .when your blog is SEO friendly it has a chance to rank in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page ).

First of all, write a catchy headline and include a keyword in it. Give five a short introduction include a story to explain so that your brand recall becomes high .keep it short approx. 150 word .write in the language of the customer.

Write the index of subheading which you want to include in your blog. Use transition word to link one paragraph to another .use internal navigation to link tour index topic to the explained topic.

Explain one by one topic and keep keyword density to 1-1.5 % means use keyword 10 -13 in 1000 words.

After explaining all the index topics write the conclusion of the blog in a simple and suitable way .at last write faq (Frequently Asked question ).

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Anshu Dwivedi

Anshu Dwivedi

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