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Promotion Of Product And Services

Anshu Dwivedi 607 21-Nov-2020

Various Ways of Promoting Your Product And Services 

Coming up with a new product or service is a good thing. But here your work does not stop. You could be offering the best services. But if you are not promoting it then you are losing very much opportunity even end up losing money down the line. There are many from which you can promote it in a very easy way .when it comes to the new business question arises how to promote it and which would be the best option.

Give a special offer to the loyal customer 

The journey of a loyal customer is very long. The cost of acquiring customers is very high. Retain your loyal by giving some offers and giveaway over the period of time .loyal customer is the medium of promotion for your product, they talk about product and services in their network when you treat them special .so your loyal customer can become your best promotor.

Use special offer while in the launching  

Instead of just launching the product you can give an offer in the beginning .give offer with an urgency

  • Buy one get one free
  • Give a discount on offer in the beginning
  • Free gift for referral

Make Use Of Google My Business

Mention your business in the google my business . You can promote your post by googling my business dashboard. But your offer gets remove from 7 days.

Run A Social Media Contest

Social Media is the best way to give acquire the client .you can nurture the customer by giving the content .it is said that Facebook gives 34% new customers by running ads. You can giveaway on Instagram. announce the winner of the platform on every platform. So that your product is promoted on every platform.

Spread The World By An Email

Email is the best platform for promoting the product. But in our market, it is said that when you spend 1 $ in marketing in return you get 42$. But in the Indian market, you are half a dollar of your email list .for example you have a list of 500 people then you will earn 250$.

Write Blog Post

You can promote your product by writing an article or blog around it. When your blog ranks visitors will come and know about it , when it is suitably fit in their need then they buy. You can also make an audience according to the action performed by your visitors on your site.

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