google panda update

google panda update

Google Panda Updates

Google Panda Updates was come in role to low down thin content and to promote unique and high-quality content.

There was a time when Google receives complaints about irrelevant content and its user experience also decreasing. As google grows so rapidly because its user was at its center .panda update is also called farmers update.

The main reason for launching the google panda update is since 2010 because the quality of the search engine result was falling.

The panda update –released in march 2011 –look at on-page factors. Google uses a machine-learning algorithm to distill the experience of human rates and then applies it to their index of sites to separate the good sites from bad sites. Panda focuses on user experience would a user trusts the information.

Things panda looks at

• Design and user experience

• Content quality

• User metrics

• Would user trust with credit card

Design and user experience .your site should look good be easy to navigate should load fast and should render well on mobile devices.

If a site has too many ads then the site is likely to sore very poorly.

If a site has too little content and looks like a cheesy sales pitch.

If the graphics do not look good and the site looks like one of those old HTML sites that were built in 1995

If the pages are very slow to load it certainly will affect user ex negativity. Even if a site has just a few very poorly designed pages.

Some sites do not render well on mobile devices that would affect the site negatively as well.

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