Every Query Resolved About Spam Score

Every Query Resolved About Spam Score

Everything About Spam Score

What is A Spam Score? 

There are millions of the website which is penalized and banned by google. They all have some feature in common that‘s why they were banned .it based on machine learning process.and there is almost 22 feature which was similar in millions of banned site.

A site that has a spam score between 1%-30% they are considered as low spammy sie, between 31-60 is considered a medium, and above 60 is called high spam score.

A site which has high spam score it does mean it is spammy it means it needs more analysis

How To Use Spam Score  

Your spam score does not indicate it is spammy. It shows your content is of low authority.

Moz utilized data from the site which are banned and penalized by google.By analyzing that data it gives some data which are responsible for spam score .

1.Less No. of Pages

It is discovered that penalized site has small no.of pages .this not the only factor but it is one of them.

2.Copying Of Domain :

Many organization copying the preexisting domain with other extension like info,cc, (e.g. .info, .cc, .pl, etc.

3.Length of Domain Name  

Many times people use subdomain and root just like the spam site.

4.Domain name with a number.

just like a spam sites if a domain has no. Then it is one of factor .but it is not always right many sites are there which has no.in their domain instead of that they are performing well. So these are some norms but they are not applicable all the time. 

5:Available Of Google Font API.

Generally, it is seen that Google Font API is not available on the spam site.

6:Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is absent from spam sites.

7:double click

A double click tag is absent as a spam site.

8:Wrong phone no.

The spam site doesn’t provide the right phone no.

9:links to LinkedIn

Since the spam site is not real therefore it does not have a linked LinkedIn account.

10:E: mail address does not present:

The spam site does not give its real mail address.

11.Defaults to HTTPS:

Spam domain  has SSL while whereas trusted site has https

12.Use of Meta Keywords

Pages that use the meta keywords tag is more likely to be spam than those that don't.

13.Visit Rank.

Websites with very few visits in clickstream panels were more often spam than those with high numbers of visits. A website where few users click on the clickable link is the feature of spam while when a site has more visitors consider as nonspam. 

14.Rel Canonicalization

Utilizing a non-local rel=canonical tag is often associated with spam. Spam site uses a non –local rel-tag.

15:Lenth of Title

If a title is too short and too large is considered a spam site.

16:Length of Meta Description:

If the length is too small and too large then it is considered a spam site.

17:Length of the Meta Keyword.

Pages which have a very long meta tag is considered a spam site.

18:Browser icon:

A spam site does not use a Favicon.

19:External link:

A spam site has an unbalanced outbound link some times it is high and the other is low.

20:Facebook Pixel:

Generally, spam sites don’t use Facebook pixels.

21:Number Of Domain link:

A spam site has a very or small no of domain links to it.

22:Use of Vowel and Consonant In The domain

A spam site has used vowel and consonant in their domain name.

23:Url length:

A spam site has a very short or very long URL

24:Presence of An Unwanted Word:

Generally, spam site uses a word like adult content, pharmaceuticals, gaming, and others.

How the spam score is calculated

There are many tools to calculate spam scores but Moz is the best tool for it.

Why spam score increase  

Your spam score starts increasing when you link your site with a high spam score. Hence this is not the only factor there is another factor which is discussed above.

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