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Role Internal And External links In SEO

Role Internal And External links In SEO

Anurag Dwivedi 563 06-Nov-2020

Internal linking

Internal links are hyperlinks that point to pages on the same domain. It points to another page of the same website. Always use some topic and use the descriptive keyword which gives some meaning to the topic you are going to target. It is the step that is performed in on-page SEO.

Here you link to another page of the same website. 

The usefulness of internal linking :

  • Increase dwell time of website
  • It increases the ranking of your site
  • Deepen the knowledge of visitors.

It gives a signal to Google that your content has quality because it is getting a link from somewhere. Link help the user and Google to find your content  

It gives information about which type of similar content available on your site.

There are several types of internal linking. In addition to linking your homepage, menu, post feed.

Internal linking helps google find the index and understand all of the pages. It can also pass authority to other important pages. 

External linking

Role Internal And External links In SEO

It is hyperlinking when you link your site to an external website. Here you are passing your authority to another site.

Many updates are coming as google getting advanced day by day but even today external ranking plays an important  role in ranking

Importance Of External linking 

Increase Visibility And Authority of the site

When external linking coming from a website of the same category and field then google got a positive signal for your site and content

Add Value To Your User

By doing external linking you are giving a chance of additional information for any particular type of topic.

For your visitor landed on your site for some information and here you also link some other pages of another website for detailed knowledge of the same category .then it is way od adding value in audience life

You Get the Backlinking Opportunity 

Linking to the other trusted sources on the website can help you get a backlink from them and this can build a natural linking environment

There are two types of external link do-follow and do-follow 

Some point you should be known before linking ant external site

  • Always remember link from a website which is of the same niche
  • Create good quality content so that people want to link their site with your’s
  • Having too much outline link reduces the authority of your site.

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