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6 Hidden Secrets To Improve The  Ranking Of Your Site

6 Hidden Secrets To Improve The Ranking Of Your Site

Anurag Dwivedi 698 05-Nov-2020

Improve The Ranking Of Your Site 

Ranking of your site can be enhanced by adopting these little concepts properly.

Everything has some fundamental which can not be changed for example content is king and this is universal so don’t manipulate Google to rank your site without creating good and user-friendly content.

Google ranks your site higher when its algorithm tells google that you have prepared something which is useful for a particular type of audience and this is only a fair way to rank higher.

Instead of that, some highlighter is given below which give a boom to your prepared content  :

Research Your Target Customer

Before preparing any type of content whether it is video, pdf, or textual first of all go and research who is your target customer asks some of the questions like.

  • What is the age of your customer? 
  • Where they live 
  • Their pain points and desire 
  • Which problem do you want to solve for your customer? 
  • What is their qualification? 
  • In which language they speak

You should answer these questions so that you can proceed with your customer to certain actions.

6 Hidden Secrets To Improve The  Ranking Of Your Site

Post Useful Content Good content is the only way of attracting visitors to your site.

Don’t rely on other factors that will automatically be taken care of. Sometimes it is seen that if you have written good content and did its on-page  SEO by only doing this site perform well. So there is no substitute for quality content.

Update Your Content Regularly

If any factual updates come with the time then also update your web pages .since updates are coming over the period of time, therefore, you are asked to never use the number in your URL. You can use numbers in your title since it can be edited whenever you want.

Use Catchy Title

Sometimes you have written a good article but you have not mentioned an eye-catchy title then the audience would not click on your blog. Add keyword in your tile. The audience firstly interacts with your title secondly with your article.

Use Alt Tag

Use images that signify the content and describe the image by using alt text.

6 Hidden Secrets To Improve The  Ranking Of Your Site

link With A Trustworthy Site

Before you start linking  keep some points in mind like

  •  (DA)Domain Authority: DA gives the data of no .of reputed site lined to your site. It is also seen that. A link from a trusted site increase the ranking in SERP
  • (PA)Page Authority: Page authority is the data develop by Moz which is counted out of signifies how your page is performing in search engines. 

When you have written content you did on-page of it. Then link building comes in role always remember that first of all look that DA and PA and spam before linking your site. 

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