White hat SEO

White hat SEO

White methods of website promotion

The main white methods of website promotion include:

Compilation of a semantic core; 

The use of keywords in articles;

Use of informative meta tags, h1;

Prohibiting indexing of pages and directories using the robots.txt file;

Adding site pages to the sitemap file in order to fully index the site;

Using the alt tag for images;

Fixing technical errors (broken links, server response code, checking the correctness of the HTML code, optimizing the website loading speed, setting up 404 errors, etc.);

Advantages of white site promotion methods (there are only two of them):

Greater security (but not one hundred percent, sanctions for over-optimization are possible);

Low financial costs.

Disadvantages of white-label website promotion methods

The main one is the low efficiency of such methods. It is very difficult to achieve results from white SEO in a short time. Of course, it all depends on the skills of the optimizer, but you shouldn't expect a quick result. Your resource should be mega-interesting and useful for users, then, perhaps, behavioral factors will allow you to take TOP positions and you will receive natural links, but first you need to know about the site.

If we talk about choosing a method for promoting a website, then everything here is very individual and depends on the choice of a seo strategy. Fast and with “consequences” (black hat SEO) or long term, but slowly (white hat SEO). There is also a third option: choose promotion by gray methods that allow you to achieve results even in highly competitive topics in a shorter period of time than using white site promotion. At the same time, gray-scale SEO is safe when used correctly. The choice is definitely yours.

Today we looked at the main white methods of website promotion, the advantages and disadvantages of white hat SEO, and also mentioned the relevance of gray website promotion methods.

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Vadim Konovalov

Vadim Konovalov

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