What is Functional testing?

What is Functional testing?

Software Quality Assurance Process and Testing is a process to determine whether a website or mobile application and software is behaving the same way it is intended to and to identify any flaws, faults, bugs, defects or errors. These are then fixed by the testers either manually or automated by tools and techniques.

There are various types of QA Software Testing such as Functional, Non-functional Testing, Performance Testing, Regression testing, mobile app testing etc. In this blog we will talk about Functional testing in Software Testing.

Software Functional testing

It is a process where the mobile or website application is tested for its functional specifications and requirements. It is done to make sure that the specific conditions are fulfilled by those apps and software. Functional Testing focuses on the overall outcome of the process. It is a type of testing which validates that all the internal functions of your app are working in accordance with the designed specifications.

The tests are carried by suitable test case inputs and to compare the obtained result or output with the expected results.

Types of Functional Testing

Unit Testing

Smoke Testing

Regression Testing

Integration Testing

Advantages of Functional testing

It helps to improve and enhance the overall behavior of your software or application.

Functional Testing is majorly based on what a client or customer requires from your app or software.

The basic functional operations of a software can be validated and verified by this test.

Functional Tests are not very hard and can be easily carried manually by a QA tester.

These tests are carried to measure the functionality of the product.

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Thus, any unconventionality from the specifications in the product’s functionality document is a defect in the software which can also be termed as software error, bug, issue, incidents or problem.


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