Improve Immunity with Ayurveda

Improve Immunity with Ayurveda

COVID 19 outbreak has scared many people. There are many people across the globe suffering from the pandemic or have gone through the deadly disease. The only treatment through which we can overcome the problem is enhancing the body's natural defense system (immunity).

There have been many past recovery cases, and the only outcome doctors stated is the patients have a stronger immune response that helped them fight the disease. There is still enough time for the right medicine to be public. In such a case, boosting your Immune system is the only preventive measure. Learn about some Proven Health Benefits of Ayurveda that have worked effectively for other health issues.

Ayurveda, a plant-based science, follows natural elements as a medicine to cure illness and self-heal the body ailments. Many hospitals and medical institutions across the globe adapted traditional medicine for their treatments as they learned about the benefits of Ayurveda.

Instead of taking pills, one can also practice some natural steps to boost the Immune System. Following a healthy diet plan and some other guidelines can help in the process. In this blog, we have discussed some health tips that can help improve Immunity with Ayurveda.

1. Follow General Health Measures (Diet Plan)

Drink Warm Water throughout the day and other herbal tea once or twice a day. You can add the following to your herbal tea as per taste and belongings at home: Tulsi, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger, Raisin, and Cinnamon. Eat Chyavanprash 10gm in the morning before breakfast. Also, make sure to add turmeric milk to your daily diet schedule.

Include more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes to your food. Add spices such as Turmeric, Coriander, and Garlic in cooking. Foods rich in nutrients and having antioxidants properties can help fight against harmful substances entering your body.

2. Moderate Exercise

Follow Yogasana, Pranayama, and meditation for around 30 minutes to reduce inflammation and maintain a good healthy body. Regularly practicing these measures will further boost your immune cells. Practicing physical exercises such as Walking, Swimming, Jogging are also good for health.

3. Sleep Properly

Get enough sleep. Sleep and Immunity are very closely connected. Our body relaxes and restores energy while we are asleep. Also, a relaxed body helps immune cells fight the unwanted pathogens making efforts to enter your body. Good sleep helps your body heal faster too. Learn about the best foods that can help sleep faster.

4. Fasting Therapy

Follow Detox plans such as fasting therapy, once a month. Fasting therapy is good for the body as it helps cleanse toxins and lets your body make a passage for easy energy transfer.

Follow some of the above-stated remedies and methods to boost your immune system with Ayurveda. The current scenario is getting worse, but following these preventive measures can work positively on your health. If during this pandemic you are showing symptoms of Dry Cough or Sore Throat, steam mint leaves, or Caraway seeds once in a day. Follow some other alternative home remedies for sore throat as well to cure faster.

Factors that Act Negatively on our Immunity

  • • Avoid regular or excessive alcohol intake as it can weaken your immune system.
  • • Avoid eating unprocessed foods and gaining weight during the pandemic. Obesity and weight gain are a sign of imbalance metabolism which is not good for your health.
  • • Irregular sleep
  • • Dehydration
  • • Stress or Anxiety

Ayurveda has a solution for each such condition. Learn about more natural home remedies to boost your immune system and cure naturally. These suggestions and tips can’t prevent COVID-19 but can help fight the disease.

Last updated:9/19/2020 1:25:22 PM
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