Remedies to get thick and luxurious hair with Ayurvedic Hair Oils

According to Ayurveda, scalp massage with medicated oil having natural components gives a healthy lustrous hair. Hair is a byproduct of the process of bone tissue formation as mentioned in Ayurveda. A defective metabolism system by digestive fire, Agni reflects poor health of hair. Pitta dosha, the elements of fire and water, is responsible for the poor digestive system. Hormones play a major role in hair health. Spicy junk food, extremely hot weather causes excess pitta resulting in premature graying and hair loss.

The best way to keep thick healthy lustrous hair is to have a healthy balanced diet which balances pitta in the long run. As recommended in the ayurvedic texts, healthy hair needs a positive frame of mind for the nourishment of hair along with ayurvedic oil.

Some of the ayurvedic oils effective for hair growth are,


Bhringraj juice and yashtimadhu powder are mixed to sesame oil to prepare Bhringraja tailam which is effective ayurvedic oil. Fenugreek, a medicinal ingredient is mixed with coconut oil to further enrich the hair oil. The oil when applied on the scalp and massaged properly promotes healthy hair growth. Researches proved that the medicinal oil applied in the nose through the therapeutic ayurvedic process that is “Nasya” stops hair fall along with hair damage. Charakoktanasyavidhi, a specific technique of nasal administration of bhringraja tailam is one of the Best Ayurvedic Hair Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness

Malatyadi Tailam

Malatyadi tailam is ayurvedic oil which can fight various hair problems like hair fall, dry hair and dandruff and improves the texture of hair. This tailam along with other herbs gives a more effective result. The tailm is prepared in a coconut oil base with other medicinal plants such as malat, naktamala, karaveera, and agni, etc. The massage of this tailam on scalp improves circulation supplying more nutrients to the roots of the hair, and thus enhancing hair growth.

Neelibhringadi Tailam

Neelibhringadi Tailam is a popular ayurvedic oil which promotes healthy growth, nourishes hair, and prevents dandruff, hair fall and premature greying. The tailam has coconut oil and milk base which is compiled with the extract of beneficial herbs like neeli and bhringaraj, as well as shatakratulata, yashtimadhu, amla, and gunjamoola is very effective.

Chandanadhya Tailam

Chandanadhya tailam, an ayurvedic oil applied on the scalp use sesame oil as base and blends with beneficial medicinal herbs like chandana, yashtimadhu, murva, haritaki, amla, bhringaraj, jatamansi. The tailam is administered nasally too which effectively manages hair fall.


This ayurvedic oil is valued for its exceptional specialty for hair growth and preventing hair fall along with premature graying. It has a base of cow’s milk in sesame oil blended with yashtimadhu, amla. It is also administered nasally and prevents hair fall. The oil has rejuvenating properties and active on pitta dosha. The tailam clears all obstruction of hair roots and boost nourishment of hair. It is one of the Best Ayurvedic Oils For Long And Healthy Hair.

Shadbindu Tailam

Shadbindu Tailam has sesame oil base combined with herbs like Bhringaj, eranda, tagara, yashtimadhu, ginger, cinnamon, rock salt, and milk administered through nasya preventing hair loss.

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