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Amazing Instagram Promotion Tactics you can use to get Real Results

Amazing Instagram Promotion Tactics you can use to get Real Results

Shakeel Chughtai 1244 11-Aug-2020

For the promotion of your Instagram account, it is not enough to register on it and published your content.

More than one billion people are using Instagram for different purposes like for business promotion, personal blogs, etc.


Here are 10 most clever and amazing Instagram promotion tactics you can use to get real results.

1-Post consistently (at least once or twice a day)

The more you post Instagram, the more like likes you’ll receive. It also helps to increase your followers and grow your page. It doesn’t mean you start to post more than 20 times a day. There are some pages on Instagram that post twice a day or hardly five times and they have more followers rather than those who post 20 times a day. It all depends on what your followers want.

The best posting frequency is “You can consistently maintain for the rest of your natural life”. If you post more at the start and then transition to only a few times a week then you will start to lose your followers and get fewer likes.

Nowadays, Users asked their Followers what they actually want or like the most and do what they prefer the most. It shows that your audience is more important to you.

Brands have been using Stim Social to promote their accounts. Read about it: Stim Social Review – Does It Work in 2020?  

2- Host Contests:

Instagram accounts that hold contests can boost their followers more than 70% in a short period of time as compared to those who post only on their timeline.

For the contest you make sure to know the rules and main steps.

1-The first step is to make sure you have write a clear and detailed description of your contest. Those who are participating in the contest must know the rules.


To promote your Page following rules help to increase your followers and likes:

  1. Tag five friends.
  2. like the first five posts
  3. Share this page on your story
  4. Tag your five friends to like this Page
  5. And ask your friend to do the same


This help to increase your followers and with the help of this many people come to know of your brand and page they haven’t heard before and if they like the posts on your profile, they might choose to follow you.








3-Focus on first impression of your Page:

“First Impression matters a lot.”

This statement hold true. First impression is so important. Not only in business but also in personal situations, we are always being judged by the way we show ourselves. It may not be fair, but that’s the way it works.

Your profile should say about you (who you are and what you do). They see your profile picture, biography, and your most recent posts.

Having your logo as your profile picture makes the most sense. It’s much more recognizable than a random picture of a person or one of your products.

For a brand, choose a brand logo that’s instantly recognizable. Your logo is also the easiest solution because it helps you stay visually consistent across all of your channels. However, if you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, or blogger, choose a picture of yourself that communicates who you are and what you do.


4- Live videos and stories:

Whether you’re an individual or a business building their brand, Instagram live allows you to create live broadcasts and connect with your audience in an engaging way.

It makes it easier than ever to interact with your followers, answering their questions and having one-on-one conversations. Hosts can also invite viewers and friends to join them in the broadcast.

To get the most out of your Instagram live videos, let your followers know the date and time of your broadcast in advance. Make sure to write a post about the topic of your live video to create buzz around it.



 Over 400 million people use Stories daily. Your story is a great place to add daily content. Story content can either be static photos or video, including video created via Boomerang. As stories are mostly viewed by people rather than posts so it help to increase the followers.


 5-Add hashtags to your captions:

Hashtags may not be much important in social media like Facebook etc. But they always remain very important for promoting your Instagram. Instead of writing dozens of tags on a post and hoping for the best, you need a strategy for using hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags are what make your Instagram content discoverable. It can help to attract the audience. Hashtag depend on which type of page you are running every page has different hashtag for fashion hashtag, for fitness, cooking etc we use different hashtags. For this you also need to figure out how much hashtag we should use.

6- Respond to comments and messages:

It may seem like a time-consuming and difficult to reply all the comments, but you need to respond to your followers on Instagram. By responding directly to comments on your post, people will appreciate it and will add personal fee and humanity in you.

This is important as if people are asking the questions you reply them as soon as possible and if it is a business account and people complaining about your any product deal with them in no time. It shows other users that your followers, audience and customers are really important for you.



7- Don’t only exist on Instagram:


Instagram is a wonderful platform but to promote your page or business to get more success you need to introduce yourself and business in other social media apps as well. It is possible by providing your other social links in bio so your followers and audience found you quickly. It will you to get highlighted as not all people are using Instagram those who are using Facebook and others social apps will also come to know about it.



To run a successful Instagram and to promote it successfully, all you need is to attract your customer and provide them what they want and fulfill their demands. If your Instagram marketing strategy needs improvement, refer to this guide. All of these strategies will help you elevate your Instagram presence and increase sales as a result.

Shakeel Chughtai is an Entrepreneur, Seo Expert, and content writer. He is an existing contributor for a number of news outlets covering startups, small business, technology, apps and more, which can useful for many readers.

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