Famous Software Bugs You Must Look Out For in 2020

Famous Software Bugs You Must Look Out For in 2020

As the technological world is progressing with every passing day, programmers are getting confident depending on the AI and ML tools present to help them. They have a lot of technology at their exposure and instead of these technologies being a helping hand, they are becoming a mess for the software industry. However, the presence of software testing companies is here to give hope and a promising future to the online presence of businesses. Every independent software testing company is always busy studying about new bugs, possible threats, and finding solutions to either stop or contain these threats. While they are playing their part, companies and businesses must be aware of the majority of the bugs coders are leaving behind.

Software Bugs to Look Out for in 2020

With the start of 2020, we have seen a lot of new events happening in the world of tech. Where we have observed AI and ML setting up new trends, we have also got the news of a lot of new bugs surfacing and harming a lot of businesses. Here are a few famous software bugs you must look out for in 2020.

Inaccurate Calculations

A lot of software comes with mathematical functions and features involved. While you fail to see them most of the time, they are present there in the form of the date, time, and recent activity details. Most of the time, programmers use mathematical libraries without checking them, and later on, the users face issues while performing calculations.

Faulty Data Edits:

Every text field is designed to have a certain type of data in it. To get the right type of data from the user, coders have to set data edits. However, at times they do not work as they were supposed to result in users entering incorrect data. Almost every independent software testing company has to deal with this error every day as the coders have started being careless with the data edits.

Inconsistent Processing

Every industry loves to use more than one sort of operating system to meet different needs. However, if the software developed by the programmers is capable of running in just one environment, users have to face issues. This limits users from using the software in different environments and transport data.

Connectivity Issues

A lot of users need to connect their software with different other software to perform multiple tasks. However, if your software can’t work in alliance with other software, this means its efficiency is hurt and will decrease the efficiency of the business as well. It does not matter what processes and procedures an independent software testing company decide to use, it always tests the software for connectivity and integration issues so it can be made better.


As much as the technical world is progressing, software developers are becoming lazy and are leaving a trail of bugs behind. It is the right time for the coders to realize this and start making work processes better for good and long-lasting results.

Last updated:6/2/2020 4:13:18 AM
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