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How to Boost Your New Business’ Marketing

How to Boost Your New Business’ Marketing

Pedro Araez 984 16-Apr-2020

Now might seem like the wrong time to start a business, and for those that did just launch or were planning on launching soon, your plans will feel like they’ve been derailed. So long as you scale back operations and focus on organic reach and growth, however, now can be the perfect time to build a thriving community that will lead to great success later on in the year.

Being noticed and being trusted are two of the biggest obstacles all businesses face, and new businesses have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Use your time at home, a few tricks and tips, and of course, know when to outsource so that you can master your digital presence and create a thriving community of your own.

Marketing Basics  

Digital marketing is made up of four main components:

1. SEO
2. PPC Marketing 
3. Social Media Marketing  

There are other ways to market online, like affiliate marketing or content marketing, but those four are where you will want to start out, as they are:


SEO stands for search engine optimization, and its purpose is to help you improve your business ranking for specific keywords or searches so that you end up on the first page of a Google (or any search engine) search. Not only does it require a lot of knowledge into the latest theories and strategies as Google updates their algorithm regularly, but it also requires a lot of work.

For most businesses, this would mean you either need to hire an in-house expert or outsource to an SEO agency. You can also enlist help with identifying website traffic so that you can see who is visiting your site, such as the software available at Traffic Truffle. Outsourcing means you can optimize your site, content, and marketing strategy all at once, so for new and small businesses – it is the preferred choice.

PPC Marketing

Another benefit of focusing on SEO first that you will have keyword research already completed and on hand to use for your PPC marketing. You don’t just want to optimize your content for specific searches – you also want to be right at the top. With PPC marketing, you can jump the line and pay to get right to the top. Generic searches are typically more expensive since there is more competition. Still, niche searches can be very budget-friendly and help people who are ready to use your business now find you.

Social Media Marketing

PPC marketing can also apply to social media. You pay to have your advertisements shown on their news feed, in their messages, and so on. Social media marketing is different. It requires a mixture of strategic marketing tactics and organic engagement. You need to respond to customers, share their content, connect. It takes a lot of effort to grow a thriving account, but it is worth it because it combines marketing with customer service.

How to Start Your Marketing

Where you can, outsource. Focus instead on organic community building and finding where your demographic is online. This takes time and will have a few shortcomings before you find the magic combination of marketing tactics, but it is worthwhile. Together, they will help attract customers from search engines and social media like boosting your business and growing your customer base.

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