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Skill-Up For Future Jobs In The Artificial Intelligence Economy

Skill-Up For Future Jobs In The Artificial Intelligence Economy

Aryan Ibrahim 971 06-Mar-2020

Let’s embrace it – the advancement in technology has revolutionized the world. As you can see, artificial intelligence has emerged as the biggest game-changer for modern-day industries. The concerning fact is that AI is disrupting careers in the most unexpected ways. Keep the changing landscape in mind; many people think it will replace human beings while taking the throne of all professional tasks and activities. It may be true, but professionals should skill-up their expertise to stay competitive in the AI economy. 

Does it make you feel concern about your professional career? You should be! So, keep reading the article to get detailed insights along with useful tips to groom your skills for future job requirements.

Artificial intelligence and career development

The robots are ready for the simple to complicated jobs. It is the bitter reality that everyone living in this era of information has to face it. All this is paving the way for AI-driven future. It is evident from the fact that plans are flying without the pilots, cars are driverless, machines are automated, and the communication networks are enabled with threat intelligence.

Today’s world is filled with promises by the technology. It has also increased the apprehension that AI will take over the world while leaving human beings workless. It is because intelligent machines will replace certain work activities. A few people opine that it will create a shortage of jobs for human beings.

However, industry experts and skeptics do not agree with this. They argue that AI is going to assist people in performing their designated activities instead of replacing them altogether. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), AI is expected to create more professional opportunities than it destroys - approximately 133 million novel job opportunities will emerge in response to around 75 million work roles elimination. In this way, individuals should stay prepared to grasp lucrative opportunities by up-skilling all essential traits and capabilities.

Ways to groom your skills for future jobs in AI economy

A cursory review of the labor market indicates that intelligent machines are already replacing many work activities for higher efficiency and speed. It is imperative to understand that the gone jobs will not return and many more are on the go!

So, it is the dire time to make the right decision and move forward for polishing the essential skills for thriving in AI-based workplaces. It is not only necessary for the current professionals but the upcoming generations also.

Do you want to be part of the future by grooming all essential skills but don’t know how? Consider the given below tips:

Learn about disruptive and novel technologies

Before you define your pathway for skills grooming, you should get detailed knowledge of the disruptive technologies. Start with the latest happenings in the field of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and basic concepts of deep learning. Remember! Learning is the first step of getting involved into something more significant.

You have to go through the influence of AI in different industries, such as banking, retail, and healthcare. In a case that you are running a fitness center, consider the role of AI in the fitness industry to check out how modern tools and techniques can help you offer improved services. You can dig it more in your respective fields of profession or business.

Evaluate your current hard and soft skills

Once you have done with the AI exploration for learning. You should consider the self-analysis of your skills. Consider going through the fundamental roles and responsibilities of specific job designations and evaluate your professional expertise to meet the requirements. It will give you a fair idea of how to be part of modern trends based on AI in the professional spheres.

Don’t forget to know your value for the betterment of the world. You can use strengthen your soft skills to be productive in the workplace. The reason is that robotics cannot reach the human in the aspects of empathy and kindness in job roles. It is suggested to devise a roadmap for acquiring advanced skills to stay in the game of rapid digitalization.

Focus on training yourself for disruptive roles

There is no denying the fact that skills grooming is vital for meeting the requirements of a profession. The primary reason is that job roles are changing rapidly as a response to AI advancement. The global economy is relying heavily on sophistication and handling complication using machines.

So, training yourself for emerging professional requirements in the wake of novel and disruptive technologies is the crucial need of the hour. For this purpose, you can use free skills grooming courses or can acquire the services of professional mentors. Don’t forget to identify your inspiration for skills development.

Be the part of AI awareness events

In a case that you are thinking of going after the ever-increasing jobs related to AI and machine learning. You should stay aware of the industry trends, emerging requirements specific to professional spheres to define your up skilling route for the future.

Just look at the technology events and you will get to know hundreds of awareness campaigns for the individuals. For example, joining the upcoming artificial intelligence exhibition in the UAE can provide you significant information on how AI is expected to take over the workplace. So, you can focus on more fundamental skills uplifting in the most creative and adaptive ways.

All the best for up-skilling in artificial intelligence!

Summing up, the global economy is progressing rapidly on artificially intelligent tools and machines. In this way, AI is taking control of trivial manual tasks to the day-to-day information that has created a competition for human beings to stand unique in the job market. You can achieve the goals by grooming your skills to meet the essential requirements of technology-driven disruptive job roles.

So, start learning new skills right now to avoid becoming obsolete professionally in the new AI economy. Don’t forget to keep heading forward without settling for less – it will surely help you get success!

Aryan Ibrahim is a blogger from New Delhi, India. His only passion is to write unique content that can give value to readers. He has more than 4 years of experience in writing an article.

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