How residential schools developed a global approach to learning?

Apart from the regular benefits of a residential school or say a boarding school, the best residential schools in India are getting more inclined towards the global standard of education. And parents are looking forward to the Residential Schools for a global learning approach. To prepare their child for ample opportunities available not only in India but in the foreign lands as well. In the present globalized scenario, the boarding school in India focus on attaining academic excellence and develop leadership skills to build confidence and excel in the global work culture.

Global learning opportunity for the average section of the society

The best boarding schools located across India are putting up a global approach to formal school education and the requisite academic learning. Moreover, they are putting up their endeavour to make this opportunity readily available for the masses apart from the elite section of the society.

This global learning approach has already found its integration in the school education of the cities having global exposure. Wherein, the students are provided with the exposure to new cultures, extra-curricular activities and real-world experiences. They are provided with the opportunity to learn a foreign language and prepare for the aptitude tests of the eminent international universities and colleges.

For instance, Career Point Gurukul Kota prepares its students for the SAT/ACT, TOEFL, IELTS and others and takes up foreign language programs of their interest and choice. Interestingly, it efficient extended curriculum not only paves the path of the Indian students for global learning opportunities in higher education, but it also attracts students from other Asian countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

It can be easily perceived from the fact that apart from the student’s of the elite international schools, the students of CBSE boarding schools of India are getting admitted into the best International Universities. And these students from the average section of the Indian society are heading abroad for various undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses in large numbers.

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