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HubSpot vs. Wordpress : How to make an Informed Decision

HubSpot vs. Wordpress : How to make an Informed Decision

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WordPress and HubSpot are the two most popular website development platforms available in the market that help organizations to make a positive first impression. It cannot be denied that the website is the storefront of every business. If your site is engaging, optimized, and personalized, then it would be easy to attract, engage, and delight the right prospects at the right time.

But, one of the biggest questions that arise in the mind of the individual in which one platform can help them to design their website effortlessly and skyrocket their business. Are you also pondering over which is the best CMS to choose? No worries!

In this article, you will have an in-depth understanding of both the tools. Hopefully, by its end, you would be able to differentiate between both CMS easily and can make the right decision.

Before diving into the details of both the content management system, let first get familiar with the features that one looks while choosing the robust CRM.

  • Blog Management
  • Website management
  • SEO
  • Price

Now, let’s compare both the platforms on the above-listed features. The added details will allow you to pick one specific platform and build customized, beautiful, and intuitive sites.

HubSpot Vs. WordPress: Which CMS is the Best?

Let’s begin…..

Blog Management

Blog management is one of the most obvious features that every CMS offers. Content is one of the most productive ways to grab visitors' attention. If your CMS has the blogging system, then it would be easy for you to create stunning and optimized content.


HubSpot tool allows the users to craft engaging content and focus on a digital marketing strategy. It enables the users to create, optimize, and publish the content from one central place. The individuals who are using HubSpot feel like a distraction-free blog editor as they are also able to schedule the content without any hassle.

This tool offers excellent features like mobile optimization, AMP support, call to action creator, content collaboration, analytics, etc. that allows the users to manage the blog efficiently.


Similar to Hubspot, WordPress also helps in managing the blogs and allows users to build text-focused sites. It is blogging software that enables you to perform blogging quickly. 

To use the blog management feature of WordPress, you might require a technical developer or an IT manager. Moreover, you also require additional plugins to optimize the content of the entire site.

Website management

There is no denying the fact that the website is the best salesperson. If your CMS includes website management features, then you would be able to successfully create a great site, which will help you to convert anonymous visitors into qualified leads and enhance the business.


HubSpot is an excellent and professional CMS tool that helps the users to design and edit the website without any hassle.

No matter whether you have a technical background or a non-technical person, HubSpot CMS will help you to build a robust and user-friendly website without any challenge.

As per the research conducted by BuiltWith, around 90,802 websites are using HubSpot CMS to build responsive and attractive websites.

HubSpot provides both free and paid pre-built templates that help you build a website using drag and drop features. Moreover, you need to edit the content in the installed template as per your requirements.

Also, it’s user-friendly interface helps the users to build and improve the website performance. Therefore, if you want to avail HubSpot Development services or other services related to HubSpot, you can always contact Webdew. It is a HubSpot gold agency partner that aims to provide excellent services to their customers at the right time without breaking their bank.


WordPress also stands at the top when it comes to website development and management. It allows the users to create text-based site pages and gives a trendy look to your website. WordPress offers you with basic tools including a wide range of themes and plugins.

But make sure whenever you add a plugin, you might require pricey subscriptions. But these additional plugins and subscriptions will help you to develop personalized and compelling websites.

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It cannot be denied that the website is incomplete without SEO. Say, if you have a personalized and attractive website, but do not stand in the top searches, then it's of no use. Therefore, to rank the site in the top searches, organizations prefer using a CMS platform, which includes SEO functionality.


HubSpot includes an in-built SEO tool that helps the users to easily create the website pages that keep your business at the top of the searches. It has a strong foundation of keyword research that allows adding the content, which is mostly researched by the readers.

With the help of SEO features, one can efficiently perform inbound link tracking, page performance tracking, google search console integration, competitor tracking. Moreover, you can evaluate the performance of your website pages, which further helps you to analyze which page needs to be improved.

So, if you want to make your brand displayed prominently in search results, make sure the CMS you are using includes SEO.


When we talk about SEO and Wordpress, it does not provide native SEO functionality. But, it allows the users to add both free and paid plugins to make the website as per SEO rules.

Before adding plugins, don’t forget that plugins come with headaches. One needs to spend cost and look after the maintenance because outdated plugins may create massive problems. So, before choosing a CMS, make sure it helps you get control of your site.


Cost is another essential factor that plays a vital role in making an informed decision. So, let’s take a run down to have a quick overview of the cost of both the CMS listed.


HubSpot is an all in one business automation tool that helps you to upgrade your business without any hassle. This platform offers extensive capabilities that allow you to handle marketing, sales, and services from one central place.

If you are looking to avail of all such benefits, then you might have to invest some bucks. Spending $300 per month will ensure that the website you are creating is attractive and optimized.

No doubt, HubSpot requires a significant upfront investment, but trust me, it’s worth spending. You will not get such features in one single platform.


As WordPress is an open-source platform, one need not invest money to design a compelling website. But do remember that it’s not completely free because you might have to pay significant costs associated with integrations, security, hosting, plugins, themes, etc.  

Moreover, you have to invest extra time in connecting and learning WordPress. Therefore, while making any decision, make sure you consider all the areas.

In a Nutshell

Indeed, choosing one specific platform from both WordPress and Hubspot CMS is challenging. But hopefully, the above comparison helps you to decide which platform best suits your needs and helps you reach your business targets.

Your website is an essential component, so make sure you evaluate both the platforms properly and choose a wonderful way to keep your business stand out from the rest by avoiding all the hindrances.  

Furthermore, if you still have any second thoughts while choosing the right CMS, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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