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Let's be honest. Is shaving the burden of your daily existence? For most people, it is complete trouble. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin or you get a razor burn every time after shaving your skin, it is more than uncomfortable for you. For the people who have sensitive skin, these burns could last for a few days. And of course, if you use the best shaving products and most important selection best Shaver for sensitive skin, the outcome will be more satisfying. With some healthy tips, this problem can be less annoying. If you are tired looking for those tips, then do not get more confused, we have got you covered. Like all other hair removal treatments, anyone needs to master the basics of these tips. If you are afraid of side-effects, then do not worry. These are perfectly healthy. Men who are experiencing rough skin legs can also use these tips.


Significant Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin


1. Take a Shower:

Like other days, take your usual shower. Leave the shaving part until you are done. Are you interested to know why not to shave before starting the bath? Well, here is your answer. According to AAD or American Academy of Dermatology, you should wet your skin to moisten it before you begin shaving. The combination of steam and water helps to melt coarse hair and prepare the skin for shaving. Here's the most important thing. Do not shave every day. Everyone should follow a detailed routine for shaving. It takes time to repair the skin after each shaving. Frequently shaving causes skin damage, irritation, and other skin problems.


2. Exfoliate: 

After you finish your bath, exfoliate your legs gently with a natural exfoliator. Exfoliate indicates removing dead cells from the skin to leave behind the smooth skin cells. Exfoliate is a significant step in shaving legs. It keeps the skin fresh, unclogs pores, and benefits to achieve a more solid shave. Many exfoliators are available in the market; you can easily choose one according to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, I will suggest you use an oil-based sugar scrub as an exfoliator. Do not worry about skin irritation because oil-based sugar scrub helps to prepare the skin for gentler shaving. Sugar used in the scrub helps to exfoliate the skin, and oil helps to moisturize it. Oil also lubricates the skin, which helps to drive the razor smoothly on legs.

If you don't want to use a ready-made exfoliator, you can make one by yourself. It is easy to prepare an oil-based sugar scrub at home. You need to follow one single step. Take a jar and mix oil (You can use coconut oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil) and sugar until you get the desired consistency. The scrub also helps to lighten skin. I will suggest not to use soap as an exfoliator.


3. Lather: 

After rinsing off the scrub, massage the gel or foam on your skin until it forms a lather. A gel has more consistency than foam, and it creates a rich lather. It also helps to create a moisture layer that shields the skin against the razor blade. The foam creates a fluffy texture and cannot protect the skin as much as a gel. Be careful while choosing a shaving gel or foam. You must use one that suits your skin type. For creating a lather, you can use a shaving brush too. The lather is notably necessary for a person to experience a smooth shave. It reduces the chance of having a rash or razor burn by helping the razors glide over the skin smoothly.


4. Shave:

For the shaving part, it is essential to choose the perfect razor for your skin. Especially for people who have sensitive skin should be more cautious while picking one. Here I will explain some factors that could help you in choosing a perfect razor.

For Sensitive Skins: If you use the wrong razor blade, then there is a high possibility of having razor burn, rashes, or irritation. Using the perfect razor blade will help you to safeguard your skin from these problems. You can use the one that dermatologists recommend for sensitive skin. Or you can consider a five-blade razor. In this razor, blades stay close, which prevents the skin from distending up in between edges. It results in more comfortable shaving and limits the chances of rashes or irritation. 

For Best Control: Sometimes, shaving your knees can be tricky. To have more control and accuracy, you can pick a razor, which is easy to manage. The handle must be flexible to adjust. It will help to hold the Razor in any position. Many brands are offering Razors, which are designed to move over the angles of the body. 

Blades with Extra Moisture: If you want to skip the shaving gel part, you can use razors that have built-in moisture bars. These razors help to prevent razor bumps or irritation. You won't need any shaving cream so you can shave with water. 

For One Time Use: These types of razors are hygienic, and the blades are disposable. 

Refillable Blade Cartridge: If you are confused about the blades, you can go for reusable razors. These razors come with detachable blades, which imply you can try several types and choose the perfect one for you.

It is necessary to shave slowly towards the direction of hair growth using smooth strokes. It ensures a close shave. The opposite can cause irritation or ingrowth of hair. Again, shaving the same area several times can harm the skin. 


5. Dry you’re Skin: 

Always use a soft towel for skin dry to avoid rashes or itching.


6. Rehydrate Your Skin: 

It is the last but an essential tip for shaving legs. When you shave hair from the skin, it also removes the upper layer cell of your skin. It causes dehydration of skin cells.

To rehydrate the shaved-area, you can use moisturizer. It helps to reduce inflammation. While choosing a moisturizer, try to avoid the ones that contain water or alcohol. You can use unscented lotion on the shaved-area too.

I will recommend lavender-infused coconut oil to use as a moisturizer. If you don't want to spend money on it, well, you can always prepare it all by yourself. 

It might be a long process only to shave your legs, but trust me, you will be more satisfied with the result than ever. I hope you find these tips useful. 

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