Is Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment The Only Way To Get Rid Of Tattoos?

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment The Only Way To Get Rid Of Tattoos?

Tattoo removal has become as mainstream as getting one these days. The endless taboos and myths that circulated around removing your tattoo have finally been dealt with. Top-notch clinics with specialized technicians and ultra-modern equipment make it an easy peasy procedure. But there is a lot of confusion around which procedure you should opt to get the tattoo off your skin. Wait a minute, there is more than one way to remove tattoos? There are endless products present in the market that claim to remove a tattoo without using a laser. However, these tempting advertisements fail to point out the long list of risks that they possess and how they threaten the health, well-being, as well as safety of yours. From being completely inefficient to ineffective, and a danger to the skin - there is nothing remotely impressive about them.

There have been several instances when individuals eagerly looking for ways to remove their tattoo have fallen in the trap of these types of treatments. After wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars, their precious time, and energy - the end result has been disappointing. Before you make up your mind and choose a particular way of removing your tattoo, it is better to do your research. Save your bank account and most importantly your skin by going through this detailed article as to why laser tattoo removal is the best way forward.

1. You Can't Risk Your Well Being 

Are you thinking about removing your tattoo at home? The methods you have come across don't actually work. They will only fade the ink of your tattoo by removing the layers of your skin. You definitely don't want that, do you? The presence of toxic ingredients, harmful chemicals, and bleach in these tattoo removal products can only offer a false promise that it will work. It will cause your skin severe irritation and make it feel raw. When you get a tattoo, it penetrates the epidermis (upper layer of your skin) and reaches the dermis. This is done to ensure the tattoo doesn't fade away as you shed and regrow your skin. So, if you choose chemical peels, creams, or dermabrasions it will only damage your skin as they can't penetrate through. These creams need to remove endless layers to simply hit the spot where the ink is. Do you think that can happen without completely eroding your skin? Can you ever recover from such damage?

Skin damage is mostly temporary as the skin heals and new skin starts to grow. But, permanent skin damage is also a possibility. Being in a hurry or impatience will not take you anywhere. Laser tattoo removal is specifically designed for this purpose. It targets only the ink and breaks it into fragments which are then carried out of your body by the lymphatic system. Even certified professionals will spread out the entire tattoo removal procedure and ensure your skin has the necessary time to heal before proceeding forward.

The advancement in technology can handle all of the below-mentioned scenarios 

● Color tattoo

● Old and new tattoo

● The critical location of the tattoo

● Your skin type

● The sensitivity of the skin

● Skin type

● The size of the tattoo

Place your trust only on trusted, trained, and experienced professionals who work for certified clinics.

2. Let Professionals Do What They Do Best 

We understand why a tattoo removal product can seem like an attractive way to erase your tattoo. It is easily available and can be done within the confinements of your home. People often disregard the instructions, leave behind the risks that these products mention in a haste to remove tattoos. You can't simply assume that slathering your skin with these products will remove your tattoo. This is also applicable to those spas that use chemical peels. These places can only improve the appearance of your skin and have absolutely no power to remove the tattoo.

On the other hand, a laser tattoo removal clinic employs none but trained, expert professionals who have the knowledge of what they are doing. These expert technicians understand different styles of tattoos and the kind of ink that is used to make them. Studying a variety of factors, they will proceed with the tattoo removal process.

3. Should The Procedure Involve Any Pain?

You might wonder how can cream or ointment cause pain? It surely won't appear so when you place your order for it online but on the regular application, it will start removing the layers of your skin. This, believe it or not, can be extremely excruciating to bear. The difference between chemical peels and wrecking cream is the former will remove several layers of your skin at once and the other will do it gradually. Another factor that will determine the pain you experience is how the process is performed. From irreversible damage to the skin to mild irritation - you can experience a wide spectrum of problems.

Laser tattoo removal might have a bad name for causing unbelievable pain, but you will be amazed to know it doesn't hurt more than actually getting a tattoo. Laser clinics also use several types of numbing creams and anesthesia to soften the pain you go through. Though the skin feels inflamed after the procedure is over, you can always use ice packs and topics to relieve the pain.

4. Lasers: The Only Way Forward

If you want to remove your tattoo completely then laser tattoo removal is the best way forward. Stay away from other alternatives because you will not receive the kind of result you seek. Trusted clinics with experienced professionals are the ones who will remove your tattoo and prevent any scarring. All you have to do is follow the aftercare instructions to prevent any skin damage.

In Conclusion

The primary objective of laser tattoo removal is to completely erase your tattoo without causing any scars or blemishes.

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