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Benefits of Printing and Mailing Services

Benefits of Printing and Mailing Services

Sarah Jones1422 30-Dec-2019

If you run a business that requires a lot of printing and mailing, then you must know well enough that it uses last time and labor. That's why outsourcing your printing services is healthy for your business. Outsourcing printing and mailing services mean delegating all printing, document management, and multi-channel delivery, etc. to a mail and print shop (a third-party company) that is efficient in doing those tasks.

Every business aims at increasing efficiency and profit while reducing costs and risks. One proven way of doing so is by outsourcing your printing and mailing services. The following are the three most significant benefits of printing and mailing services.

1 Reduction in Cost

One of the biggest motivators for companies to outsource customer communications from mail and print shop is that it lowers your expenses in below mentioned ways.

Purchasing Equipment - When dealing with a variety of documents, a company has to invest mainly in imaging, and inserting equipment and their maintenance. When you outsource printing and mailing work, the printing company will have modern machines, and it'll provide you the best printing quality.

Less Payroll – Printing and mailing services require intense labor, and by outsourcing these services, you can reduce your force or layoff employees.

No Overtime Expense – By outsourcing printing services, you can avoid overtime expenses. Any production or scheduling crunches become the concern of mail and print shop, and they may run 2-3 shifts for getting your work done without charging you extra.

Free Up the Floor Space – There will not be any lease commitments for production space when you outsource printing and mailing services. Also, many printing companies allow you to manage your inventory online. So, now, you have more floor space to focus on your core business.

Energy Reduction – Printing machines use a lot of power, and they need a power backup. A capable printing service also include lots of moving parts. By handing over, printing, and mailing services to experts, you can save on electricity costs.

Supplies Management - The management of print and mail supplies becomes the concern of a mail and print shop. You don't need to worry about the ink, toner, papers, and other supplies.

Presort Automation – A printing company will save your time because of presorted automation at multiple levels, especially in case of postage or mailing. Also, you can reduce the price of postage by bulk purchasing and space-saving printing options.

2 Reduction Of Risks

Printing and mailing services deal with highly sensitive customer data. Stakes for data breaching are high, as well. In such situations, outsourcing printing services takes away a load of data security as it becomes their responsibility.

Industries like finance, healthcare, and insurance need to have a documented disaster recovery plan. In situations such as long-term power loss, fire, and natural calamities, the disaster recovery plan must be present. When you pay a mail and print shop in return for their service, they can provide you with disaster recovery plans, because they have a backup of printers, mailing machines, and operators at a different location.

3 Boosted Efficiency

The right business knows what its core competencies are, and also knows what tasks are performed better by others. Working with a mail and print shop gives you a competitive benefit because now you have a unique team of knowledgable trained operators with modern technology. Also, it will maintain the consistency of high-quality work every time.

The printing companies often have a tie-up with USPS. That tie-up and the company's expert knowledge gives your customers the best postage rates possible. These companies also provide auto-correction of incorrect addresses with the help of USPS, which ensures quick delivery and 100% trackability.

Outsourcing printing and mailing services are proven to be efficient because of,

• Low capital investments

• No lease commitments for production space

• Reduced production costs

• Ability to provide reports to compliance auditors

• Bypassing risks like a data breach

To Summarise

The reduced price, reduced risks, and boosted efficiency are the best ways for a company to make a significant profit and beat their competition. Outsourcing printing and mailing services allow you to benefit from all the factors above.

I am Sarah Jones, an American author and speaker.

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