All about Moving Fees and Additional Costs

All about Moving Fees and Additional Costs

From packing your entire household items to move them safely at the desired location, each and everything is handled by your movers so, they may charge you for many services. Before you will hire packers and movers in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai or any other cities in India then, make sure to ask your mover about their fees and talk about all the types of services they will charge extra for, and the mover should include everything that you will need on their moving quote and on written estimates.

What is moving quotations or estimates?

Moving quotation is a price estimate provided by the movers that gives more accurate price of your move. When you will book your movers and packers then, they will provide you their moving estimate, which will include their fees, services and other terms and conditions.

You can get moving estimates online from two to three moving agencies to compare packers and movers Pune charges so that you can hire the one that best fits your budget.

There are different reasons and services for which packers and movers rates & charges vary from company to company. Here we will be discussing about the moving fees and additional costs that when your movers can charge you extra for:-


If the movers have to carry the items up and down stairs either in your old or new home or both then, they are likely to charge extra fees for this. Make sure to ask this before hiring them and ask them to include the charges in the moving quotes.

Long carry service

If your movers will have to carry the items long way from your home to the truck then, you will have to pay extra fees to your movers. The movers must specify the maximum distance they will carry the goods before applying the fees, and if not then ask them to specify the distance.

Large Items

Packing the large items is not at all easy even for the movers. This takes lots of time and efforts too thus, your mover will charge extra fees for packing and moving the large items that requires special packing supplies and moving equipment.


When we are talking about the additional moving costs then, you should include this too. It is often good to tip the moving crew. You can tip the crew as per your budget but, if the company asks you not to tip the moving crew, then honor the request.

Bottom line

Before you sign the agreement with your movers, read the documents clearly. Get the complete paperwork and read it carefully including your moving estimates. Make sure everything has written on the estimate and if anything is unclear then, ask your movers about the fees. And if you think the packers and movers charges are too much high then, get moving estimates from any other Moving Company and avail house shifting services at affordable price.

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