Nanotechnology and its Application

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a new field of science. Nanotechnology is the study and use of structure between 1 nanometer and 100 nanometers in size. A nanometer is equal to 100th Crore part of a meter i.e. 10 times the diameter of the Hydrogen Atom. The average human hair diameter is of about 80,000 nanometers. Nanotechnology is basically the manipulation of matter on an atom, molecule and supermolecule state. The Carbon Nanotubes are 6 times lighter and 100 times stronger than steel.

Nanotechnology and its Application

Nanotechnology has the potential to increase the efficiency of energy consumed. This technology is very helpful in cleaning the environment and solving major health problems. Nanotechnology supports the fact that products with nanotechnology are lighter in weight, small and cheap still, it performs more functions and requires less energy, and raw material to manufacture. Nanotechnology can create many new materials devices while having its application in different fields. As well as nanotechnology is very Toxic and had verse environmental impact. The commercialization of Nanotechnology particles helps in producing various applications; the Silver Nano for using Silver Nano Particles as an Anti-bacterial agent, transparent sunscreens, Carbon Nano-tubes for Stain-Resistant Textiles, etc.

Nanotechnology in the future would cause a delay in the development of poor peoples. Especially in the fields of health and sanitation, food security and the environment. It would be helpful in the Developing world because it requires less labor, land, and maintenance; and yields high productivity and cheap as well as it requires less amount of materials and energy.

Applications of Nanotechnology

1. Medical Field:

Improve Drug Delivery: Nanotechnology would be very helpful and a cheap way while delivering the Medicines. The countries which don’t have a good facility to store an adequate amount of medicine, and not a proper distribution method to deliver the medicine. The nanotechnology will also be very helpful for patients who can’t visit the hospital again and again or on a particular or don’t have time to visit the hospital for medications.

Improved Diagnostic Tools: The improvement in nanotechnology will help to develop good tools, which make diagnosis and treatment for the specific diagnosis much easier as well as providing therapy for the diagnosis will also be very easy and apt.

2. Energy Application:

Nanotechnology will be very helpful in saving energy and fuel production. It gives alternative methods to generate more amount of energy while saving natural fuels. It minimizes the toxicity level of energy production from the renewable source of energy.

Nanotechnology is also in use to develop many new types of batteries, which could be much more efficient, light in weight, fast recharge, high power, and holds energy for a longer time.

Nanotechnology is also contributing towards making an energy efficient light system, low energy consumption in top quality electronic gadgets, lighter and strong vehicle chassis materials for making the transportation easier.

3. Environment Damages:

Nanotechnology will be very helpful in detection and cleaning up the environmental impurities. Example: Can get purified and clean water quickly by detecting the impurities properly and treating the water as much required to get clean water to drink.

Nanoparticles can also clean the Industrial Waste Water, before taking the pollution to the ground and other water resources, which will contaminate the whole water and the ground.

4. Future Transportation:

The development of Nanotechnology will provide much more good quality and smart vehicles.

The vehicles could be much lighter, safer, smarter, and more efficient vehicles like aircraft, airplanes, and ships.

Nanoscale sensor devices can provide much effective and cheap structural monitoring and performances of bridges, railways, trains, tunnels, parking areas etc. over the regular interval of time.

Nanotechnology could provide an enhanced transportation device, which allows drivers to know about their fellow drivers while being on the road. It will help drivers to maintain the distance between vehicles, avoid the collision, avoid congestion, and many more benefits can be provided through electronic display on each vehicle.

5. Manufacturing Industry:

Manu hi-tech manufacturing plants use the nanotechnology facility, like in cottage industry where the quality of fabric can be made with ease with the help of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is very helpful in making the exact quality of the fiber, like fabric strength, quality, color, and flexibility.

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