Nanotechnology is something most people know some things about since it was featured in anything from magazines to TV shows. The problem is that not much is known about it. The most important thing that people do not realize is that nanoscale materials are nowadays used in so many different items, ranging from chemical catalysts to sunscreen.

Researchers already proved that nanotechnology works. As people keep looking for smaller scales in many gadgets they use, from travel gadgets to computers, it is normal for nanoscale to keep developing. At the moment it was proven that nanoscale assays could help screen for gene problems, infections and cancer. With all this in mind, here are some ways in which nanotechnology will surely change the world as we know it.

Ink That Conducts Electricity

Modern electronics include numerous tiny conductive metal bits as vital elements. In the future we can eliminate many of the high-precision machines needed to build conductive metals since you might be able to draw circuit boards with a pen. This is because researchers are now using silver nanoparticles to create ink. A simple line drawing you make with the pen basically becomes a wire that is capable of carrying electricity. You can already use this to power smaller LED displays or antennas.

Detecting Cancer

Right now we have gold nanoparticles being used in different devices that “sniff” for diseases, including cancer. A cancerous cell will grow so proteins and genes inside it change. That emits organic compounds. Detection becomes possible even by dogs so the technology is pushed forward with nanotechnology.

In the future we will have doctors that can administer breath tests and figure out if patents are affected by cancer at an early stage. This is very important as the sooner you discover cancer, the higher the possibility you can be treated!

Cleaner Water

In a chemistry experiment accident, while researchers tried to build something that would detect explosives at an airport by simply detecting vapors, it was shown that the result was a material that did not allow water to pass through. The result was initially called Osorb but eventually ended up being named ABS Materials. Thanks to the work done we will have access to a way in which we can clean polluted water, a problem that affects the entire world at the moment.

Actively Fighting Cancer

Nanoparticles will help with detecting cancer but will also play an active role in fighting it. Radioactive gold nanoparticles are now tested to see if they can actively treat cancer. Human treatment is not far away. The only question that remains at the moment is whether or not the gold radioactive nanoparticles are safe for humans. Using radioactive particles to attach cancer is not at all new. What is new is the use of gold. While this may or may not work, there is strong evidence that nanoparticles could help actively fight cancer.

Protecting Your Skin

Last but not least, nanotechnology will help you to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are different lab-tested options now available that just wait for approval by the FDA. Some sunscreen products already include nanoparticles and the technology can only evolve from now on.

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