How ERP software is bringing change in the academic institutions?

If we think of the time twenty years ago, where taking the attendance was also a 5 minutes exercise at the beginning or end of the class. The process was time-consuming and required a great amount of effort from the teacher.Even to rectify a small mistake while taking attendance would take another 5 minutes.That challenging was the system before. But luckily with the advent of the School ERP  database management software, things became plain sailing.

How ERP software is bringing change in the academic institutions?

Over the years, as computerization is taking massive leap over the traditional system, academics is also experiencing digitization. Aggressive usage of smartphones, laptops & desktops have also contributed in this metamorphosis. This was a much-needed transition to keep abreast in this fast pace world. This ideology got materialized with the rise of ERP management system.

School management system is an ingenious tool that is designed to benefit all the educational institutions with its excellent management capabilities. It provides a platform to keep a record of attendance of students as well as administration, details of examinations, report cards, fees dues, library usage, commute details, and much more. This ERP software not only caters to information related to students but all records from the administration and teachers perspective. Even the parents are kept in this digital loop to keep them informed at every stage. The software is designed to bridge the gap between administration, teachers, students and parents.

The usage of software like ERP for schools and colleges is a powerful step which has been taken in the past several years. It is not only unifying education across the world but also lifting the standards of these educational institutions each day.

College management software system comes with numerous advantages much more than an educational institution can ask for. Let us see what they are.

1. Unparalleled management

This smart integrated software works very smoothly and efficiently to connect all the dots involved in the process without any hassle. This facilitates a consolidated understanding of working of the entire institution and nurtures in all possible ways.

2. Not costly 

It is one of the most economical solutions that an education industry possess. What it all costs is the basic installation cost and nominal Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC). There are no other hidden costs. Using ERP cuts down all the manual work overheads like paper, personnel, storage, etc. It is a smart system that works automatically in the most efficient manner.

3. Improves productivity

With the use of this software, the institutions can be made exponentially productive. Due to the reduction in the overall workload, the administration and teachers and focus more on productive things.

4. Saves time & effort

Being an automatic, mechanized and self-efficient system, which barely takes any time and energy to maintain the records.

5. Speeds up work

Since the system is automatic and not manual, the entire work is carried out rapidly and without any delay.

6. Provides easy access

All the records are stored on the digital database which allows easy and fast access to all its users. Searching is data has become so easy with ERP software. It removes all hassles of looking into paper-based records to fetch any data.

7. Centralized

The software is completely centralized where all the information is stored, located and maintained in a single location. This makes it very easy for administration, teachers, students and parents to access the database anytime and anywhere.


Thus, this unprecedented digital drift is a brilliant move in the ecosystem and is shaping the future for all the generations to come. This is indeed the beginning of a bright future.

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