Why Splunk Exists

Why Splunk Exists

Business isn’t stagnant. Goodbye to long and expensive master data management projects and hello to the fastest path from data to business actions. 

Splunk is a software tool that allows organizations to manage different functions such as customer services, security, application management, and much more. Splunk software makes use of data to derive meaningful insights. This allows Splunk to be integrated and implemented in various parts of an organization. Some of these are mentioned as follows:


With Splunk security, users can drill down to individual data packets to investigate the source and type of attack. This eases the investigation process immensely. With a centralized view, users can also investigate potential threats to your organization. It can also help you to improve your security system to prevent attacks completely. The tools that Splunk offers allows organizations to respond faster. With faster threat detections and incident reporting tools, you will discover a threat before it conducts an attack.

Splunk Consulting:

Many third-party companies, affiliated with Splunk providing consulting for other businesses. They provide tailor-made solutions for organizations that seek to invest in the features and functionality offered by Splunk. Moreover, with Splunk professional services, resource and personnel in your organization can get an opportunity to learn about the tool as well.

Business Analytics:

As businesses grow, so does the interaction of customers with their product. With consumer information abundantly available, businesses need a platform that summarizes and gains insights from the data that is available. Splunk provides a visual representation that allows for easy interpretation of customer data. Thus, business not only gains access to customer information but can also predict how current and past sales will affect future sales.

Resolve Issues:

It resolves and identifies the issues 70% faster

Costly Escalations:

It reduces costly escalations up to 90%

Reporting and Troubleshooting:

Splunk converts complex logos into visual graphs and give reports and results of simplifies analysis, reporting and troubleshooting.


The most amazing fact about Splunk is, it requires no separate database like oracle or SQL as Splunk Stores.

Easy Implementation:

It is easy and simple to implement and scale.

Automatic Analytic:

It continually indexes all of your IT data in real time


Splunk set up alerts to automate the monitoring of your system for specific recurring events.

IT Operations:

Predict service level degradation before they occur and evaluate how a server affects the overall IT operations of your organization. With the amount of data available because of various digital devices connected to the internet, there needs to be a platform that processes this data. Splunk provides the tools and the processing power to convert data into information. Data is meaningless on its own. To gain insights from data, operations need to be performed on it before it can deliver what an organization seeks. Machine learning tools are readily available with the help of Splunk.

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