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Guide to find a job in London without knowing the language

Hamza khan007 837 09-Aug-2019

Looking for a job in London but you don’t know English? Do not worry, if you want to go to work in London, here you will find a series of tips that will allow you to access a job in the English capital.

There are different reasons to consider looking for a just London jobs, normally one of the most common is to learn or improve your level of English. And for that, what better than working in an English-speaking destination.

However, most people who want to find a job in London face a major problem, the language. Even if you want to work at this destination to learn English, a minimum of English knowledge is essential to access a job.

For this, we have created a guide with a series of tricks or tips to find a job in London without knowing English.

Tips for finding a job in London without knowing English

Job Center

One of the best ways to look for a job in London is the Job Centers, the public employment offices. Here you can access low or medium qualification job opportunities that will help you on a day-to-day basis until you improve your level of English and can access other types of jobs.

If you are in London, you must visit the Job Center and sign up to access the available positions. Besides, these places offer job search seminars and access to guidance(Personal Adviser) where they will advise you on the most appropriate jobs for your profile as well as the benefits you can get for being unemployed.


You can find Job Center offices throughout the United Kingdom. Here you can find the addresses of the Job Center in London.

Private employment agencies

As in most large cities around the world, many private employment agencies in London offer jobs based on your language level, experience or training.

The operation is simple; you make a payment, depending on the employment program you choose and they look for you a job. Normally, most jobs for people who do not know English or have a very low level, are to work in tourism and hospitality as cleaners, warehouses, waiters, catering, etc.

Guide to find a job in London without knowing the language

Jobs in London for Spanish speakers

London is a big city with many job opportunities. It is true that after Brexit, many of the companies that hired Spanish speakers have changed their headquarters to Dublin; however, you can still find a large number of jobs in London for Spanish speakers.

Although the main requirement of these job offers is to speak Spanish, some of the positions offered to require knowledge of English, sometimes even another language.

Local newspapers

A multitude of job advertisements also appear through local London newspapers, you can watch every day and with a little luck, the advertisement you are looking for may appear.

Fast-food restaurants

To work in a fast-food restaurant you don't need great language skills. Many people who start working in London do so working in this type of restaurant.

Deliver CV in hand

Another of the methods, known almost everywhere in the world, is to deliver a CV in hand. From stores to pubs, restaurants, shops, supermarkets ... There are a large number of places where you can deliver your cv.

Web portals

In London, being a cosmopolitan city where people 'come and go', many of them for learning the language, offers a wide range of temporary jobs of which you will surely find possibilities and you can opt for one of them.

For this, you can look at some of the most famous job seekers for England. Here you will find a wide variety of offers and if you search well you will find offers that do not need the language.

Other resources to find a job in London

With this great guide to look for work in London without knowing languages, you will surely find a place in the great city of London. However, you have to work the job search, nobody is going to offer you a job because yes.

Learn English for free in London

Some academies offer free English courses for the unemployed or people with a low level of language. You can take advantage of these opportunities to attend one of the courses and improve your level of English.

Hamza khan007

Hamza khan007


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