We all love travelling and the idea of exploring different places, cultures, ethics, and cuisines excited every soul. Over different places, our favorite has been Dubai and the reasons are quite obvious. The vacation seekers love to visit Dubai because it has a perfect match of the authentic and the contemporary. Hence, it is a win win for both the kinds of travellers. Applying for a Dubai Visa online is easy and doesn’t require much of a hassle. Dubai Visa for Indians is very convenient in terms of all factors. Even the Dubai Visa Fees is less compared to other Visas.

Here is how you can apply for a Dubai Visa for Indians

1. ) Before applying for the Visa, check the Dubai Visa type. The Dubai Visa type depends on the purpose of travel and the duration of the trip. The Dubai Visa fees for different Visa types can be different and vary accordingly. It is important to choose the right Visa type as otherwise it can lead to Visa Rejection.

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2. ) Once you have determined the appropriate Visa type, prepare for all the required documents. In order to check the documents needed for the Visa application, please refer to a complete checklist. The main documents for a Dubai Visa are:

 A scanned copy of your passport’s front page & last page.

 Scanned color passport size photographs with white background.

 Get Dubai Visa Requirements here.

The Best Way To Get A Dubai Visa Keyword : Dubai Visa Fees .

3. ) Now you need to submit your details to a trust-worthy Visa agency. With premium service providers like AkbarTravels Dubai Visa applications are as easy as cakewalk. The best part about our Visa processing is the lowest Visa fee taht we offer. With Visa experience for around 40 years, the Visa Experts know how to deal with each and every application appropriately.

4. ) After successful completion of the whole procedure, the Visa will be emailed to you. It is advisable to carry a print out of the E-Visa throughout your trip to Dubai.  

The Best Way To Get A Dubai Visa Keyword : Dubai Visa Fees .

The Dubai visa process usually takes 3 to 4 working days, however there is an Express Visa which can be processed within 24 hours.

So, now that your have decided for your Dubai trip, all you have to do is apply for your Dubai Visa. And while you are at it, why not go for the option that offers the lowest Dubai Visa fees?

At AkbarTravels, we provide quality services and successful results.

Apply for your Dubai Visa today!

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