When it comes to online marketing, email marketing is ‘king.' Statistics have shown that emails have a 4400% Return on Investment, that’s approximately $44 for every $1 spent. Well, if you haven’t been using email then it’s definitely time you started. Those are impressive stats that any business whether small or big ought to take advantage of. However, emails go beyond merely typing a few words and hitting the send button. There are a lot of issues that must be factored in to achieve the desired results. Well, there’s absolutely no reason to be sending emails that no one opens. That will be a total waste of your time.

So how can you write a captivating marketing email? Here are some tips that will go a long way in transforming how you do your email marketing. 

Simple Works Better 

A simple email works better as compared to an overly detailed one. From the design to the choice of words, most readers prefer simplicity. You have a few seconds to create an impression and not confuse your readers. They are busy people who have no reason whatsoever to try and figure out what message you were trying to pass across, should your email be complicated in any way.

So, this means that although you want to make an impression, you’ll have to do it simply - no fancy designs or fonts or words that may make it difficult for your readers to understand your message.

Work on The Subject Line 

When it comes to creative writing or blogging, one of the key areas that one must concentrate on is the title – a ‘catchy title’ in that case. A title that draws in readers and creates curiosity while at the same time making it known exactly what the article is all about. The same applies to an email subject line, which is similar to the title. Have a subject line that compels readers to want to read the rest of the email.

However, caution needs to be exercised. A ‘catchy’ subject line must be in line with the contents of the email. If your subject is on Apples, then the article should be on apples and not bananas or oranges. Misleading your readers in this manner is a sure first way of losing valuable customers.

Personalize The Email 

Audiences love it when they feel part of the brand. Speak from your heart. Emails that are technical or sound robot like are plain boring and nobody likes that! Impressing your readers means speaking from your heart and adding a personal touch. Make the email conversational while shifting focus to the customer - have more of “You” rather than “I” or “We.” This is a way of hinting to the reader that you care about them and their needs. Personalizing email contents including the subject line has a higher chance of appealing to the readers.

One way of personalizing emails is by telling stories if there’s enough space. Remember that your goal is simply to build the trust between you and the customer. Make them know and like you. This just makes the process easier.

Content is Everything! 

You’ve drafted an amazing subject line, and that’s good, but ultimately it all boils down to the quality of your content and how well it’s been presented. In all forms of writing, content is the primary issue. Does it have flow? Is it making any sense? How relevant and informative is it to your readers? These are just among the many questions that we need to ask ourselves as we write any content. Email marketing will only be rewarding when the material is of high quality, meaning no spelling, grammar or sentence structure errors among others. This adds value to the readers.

You’ll need to put the following into consideration while preparing content:

  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it informative?
  • Who is your target market?

Realize that all the above will help you tailor your email accordingly, enabling you to reach your target market. You can acquire the services of paperwriters to help you with this.

Be Precise 

Precision is a crucial aspect when it comes to writing. Fluff or filler content is a No-No! If you don’t have all the necessary information, better not write at all. Instead, focus on research so that your writing will be of quality. Emails are no different, exercise precision with your content. This implies ensuring that you describe what you’re offering in detail. Don’t exaggerate or leave out any important details. Precision also means that you’ll keep it short.

As I’ve already mentioned, you have seconds to impress, and this also means to pass your message across. Therefore, let your reader know exactly what you’re offering from the moment they open the email. This also helps with your credibility among customers. Lack of precision will make you use too many words, which will bore your readers and confuse them.

What Do I Have To Gain? 

Unless what you’re offering is a new invention, chances are that your target market already has access to the product you’re offering. The only difference comes when we talk about the benefits. This is a crucial aspect that must be understood by all marketers. This, therefore, means that your emails need to be more geared towards the benefits rather than discussing the features of the products you’re offering. Give them a reason to want your products and not those of your competitors; it’s probably the only reason why they opened your email in the first place!

What do I have to gain is the question your readers will ask themselves? Therefore, don’t disappoint, highlight the benefits clearly.

Create Urgency 

The choice of words when writing a marketing email should be compelling but not in a forceful way. Creating a sense of urgency by giving a deadline before an offer expires is a good example. What you’re just trying to do is inspiring a “call-to-action” (CTA). This an effective means of making your readers take action after reading your email. A CTA is part of a captivating marketing email. We love to procrastinate a lot. When we don’t set clear deadlines for our readers, they are also likely to do the same.

Honesty is Crucial 

Honesty forms the foundation of any relationship. If you want to have lifelong customers, then this is one aspect that you can’t afford to overlook. Credibility is crucial, especially in the online world. Although you may want to drive up sales by tweaking a few truths, I strongly advise against doing so. A captivating email isn’t about exaggerated information, it’s solely based on facts. Your clientele value the truth more than anything. Therefore, all the content of your email must be based on honesty, from the subject line to the body of the email, and of course, the offer itself!

Email marketing is one of the oldest and still most effective means of online marketing. Although over the years other online channels have arisen, it remains to be superior. Emails are simple to draft and will achieve the desired effect but only if we’ve mastered how to write captivating emails! 

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