Social media has gone boom in the past couple of years with everyone turning themselves into brands and creating an online identity. But today's audience has a short attention span and this trend is slowly starting to bore them and is becoming obsolete. That's why social media campaigns need a makeover and enough room so that brands can reinvent themselves in the virtual space. This may seem like starting from the scratch, but instead of losing the consumers, brands will incite interest and gain more leads. In a way, you can put aside what you already know about your audience and start fresh. 

This year is almost over, and soon you’ll count successes and examine failures. But this is also an excellent opportunity to evaluate some of the 2018 trends and evaluate how they can fit with your business goals and ideals.

1. Use social chatbots

The audience is expecting to have contact with you and so you have to think about adding this option for them on your profiles. This is usually done via chatbots, those annoying pop-ups whenever you visit some websites. But these computer programs are a very useful tool if you want to create a positive relationship with your audience. Chatbots became largely popular after Facebook Messenger released their version and very quickly gained in popularity. Some researchers like Gartner predict that 30% of online conversations in 2018 will be with machines. 

Chatbots are perfect for those who have to maintain the 24/7 contact with their consumers and want to excel in customer service. They are characterized by fast response rate and politeness, but above all, they are able to simulate human-to-human conversation and provide assistance even to the most demanding of consumers.   

2. Go Live

Going live is a new option for social media which will allow you to address your audience as though you are standing right in front of them. This feature will attract the attention of your followers and help you reach your target audience more easily. Live streaming is available on Facebook and Instagram, and since the users of these two social media platforms differ from each other, you’ll be able to cover them all. But just like any public addressing, live streaming also requires that you prepare the material so you wouldn’t chase the audience away. 

Another great option is Agora, an interactive broadcasting channel which allows the two-way streaming. Agora integrates with the apps you already use so there is no need to download any additional software. This way you can still go Live and use this enhancement to create an interactive video live streaming.

3. Image recognition is the new trend

Social media users evolved drastically over time, and today not only that they comment mostly on the images, but they also reply with one. Videos and images have been recognized as means of storytelling for a couple of years now and many social media experts are suggesting to businesses and individuals to invest more in this type of communicating with their audience. There are tools now that offer options to search for pictures related to the certain brand. This type of artificial intelligence for image recognition provides a way to see the comments and reactions under the pictures without keywords in them.   

4. Think about micro-moments

Mobile phones slowly and surely replaced computers when it comes to shopping, reading and accessing any content on the Internet. It is a very influential mean to interact with consumers and for brand engagement with its audience. It suffices to state the fact that 96% of people will use their phones to search for something the moment it comes to their mind. This is called the micro-moment – a term recently overtaking the business world. Being able to predict the consumer's behavior will help you anticipate the needs and interests of your consumers. 

You can create a one-touch access to your audience and help them quickly reach what they might be looking for. Think of Google is one of the ways to get to know this new trend and keep up with all the novelties regarding the evaluation of the touchpoints.  

5. Further personalization of the content

As you already know from your social media exposure – content is the most important feature for anyone, no matter if you're a business or an individual. The upcoming trends predict even more content personalization and focus on creating more relevant topics and issues. Since the analytics tools are being more and more detailed, users will have at their disposal the very in-depth insights what the consumers expect from the future content.

Digital marketing experts from GWM office in Perth and other professionals recognize these tools as an extra aid for businesses to prepare more direct and audience-centered materials. Even though content marketing is widely used, obtaining more specific data on the consumers will provide parameters to create more personalized content and engage target audience more effectively.

Final word

Social media are excellent trendsetters since they listen to the needs and preferences of their audience. Due to the very competitive grounds, they change quickly and require constant vigilance in order to follow the newest trends in time. Turning to their tools and features in order to reach a wider audience is already a common practice to boost the online presence, but being able to respect the latest developments is something that will help you define your brand more firmly and establish a positive identity with your consumers.

  Modified On Mar-21-2018 03:18:10 AM

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