Publicize your app worldwide!! Dear Android Apps owners, are you looking for tips to promote your app? If yes, then you have landed to a correct page where you will get some standalone strategies for popularizing the android apps.

The Ultimate Guide for the Promotion of Android Apps

Below, we have mentioned strategies point-wise that should be followed by the android apps owners to make their app reach a lot of users.

Follow Design Principles stated by Google – Designing an Android App is not a cup of tea. Google has provided a detailed documentation on basic design principles. So, android apps developers should consider those details for sure to get the best UI for the app.

Google Play Beta Test – Before launching your Android apps, make sure that they do not have any bug and are ready to meet the needs of the target audience. For this, set up an android beta testing for your app.

Ideas from Feedback Channels – It is very important to take feedback from the users so that you can get better ideas to popularize your app. There are feedback channels that give reviews about the Android Apps, do consider them also by enabling the feedback channel.

Make Use of ASO

The title of the app and the description of the app should be attractive and contains keywords. SO that when you type the name of the app in the google play store, it should come in the top list. Click on the link to find out the how to optimize the mobile app to get higher rank in the google play store .

Use of Social media marketing to promote App – Use ads to promote your Android Apps through social media marketing. If you are looking for a digital marketing company in Hyderabad, Sanbrains is the best option. It renders content marketing services, SEO services, SMM, PPC services etc.

Create Referral campaigns – Creating a referral campaign is one of the best ways to reach users. When one user likes your android apps, then he/she will definitely refer it to others as well. Like this, the chain will continue and the no. of downloads for your app will keep on increasing.

Android Review Websites - There are websites that review your app and rate them on that basis. This would help you in designing the best play store apps.

Some other strategies to promote apps are –

Offer app installation using Facebook ads

Submit to multiple stores

Create a freemium app

Promote on YouTube

Get an attractive icon for an app

These were some of the tips for promoting the apps and increasing the no. of downloads. We hope readers found the information useful and would definitely follow the given tips to promote their google play store apps.

Android mobiles have been dominating the mobile marketing for a long time. The user interface of the android mobile is so friendly and that is why Android apps are also becoming so popular. Entrepreneurs are leaving no source to promote their business. Creating a mobile app has now become a fashion to reach numerous users. People install these apps because they really make the process easier and time-saving.

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