Using Facebook Video for Marketing: A Strategy for Future Success

Have you been marketing on Facebook? With exciting creative, campaigns, links, it must be going well. Facebook indeed does give you a lot of options, tricks to gain larger audience, more traffic. 

What if we tell you that you can take a step further and do better? Would be great, right?

Let us introduce you to Facebook videos and how exactly they can help you take your brand/product awareness to the next level! 

Today, we’ll be explaining how and why you should avail the amazing benefits of Facebook videos for your marketing. 

Let us answer your first question: 

What’s the need? 

You see, people have a habit of remembering what they listen and watch at the same time. The combination of sound and visuals work wonders in explaining things. 

Now, since you’re running a business, you’d believe more in stats and not theories. So, let me tell you that 8 Billion videos are watched on Facebook each day and Facebook videos get a whopping 135% greater organic reach than photos! 

Numerous surveys and reports have suggested that to do well in business, you have to keep adapting the changes happening around you and with social media changing rapidly, you have to keep following the trends. 

That’s exactly what Facebook videos are, a new & rather efficient trend! They can be your biggest ally in today’s time.

Now the next question: How? 


Those 5 seconds!

The first and the most important rule is to make the first five seconds most attractive. Facebook’s auto-play feature helps you here as the videos are played automatically and everybody tend to stop & watch the first 5-10 seconds of videos. That’s exactly where you have to focus, to show something creative in the opening seconds of the video. The objective here is to keep your audience from scrolling down!

Invite them into the virtually real world!

Facebook introduced 360o videos to let people interact with the virtual world. You can make good use of these videos by inviting them in your office, or product launch, events and much more!

With this feature you can allow your audience to interact, pan, rotate in whatever way they like. 

Featured Videos

Featured videos can be of a big help when you don’t want your fans/audience to miss a particular video.

For this, you can also upload a video in your “About” section. This can be about a brand awareness, or a teaser for a product/ event etc. The point is you can make sure that it appears bigger than the other thumbnails. Doing this makes it more likely to get clicked and played by your audience. 

An eye catching caption!

Tell your audience a bit about the video or something that makes them want to watch it. Make sure that it is something they relate to. For example “Know how to do it right!” and “Remember those times?”

Interesting captions can generate curiosity and makes people want to watch what it can be that they can relate to, or what times can it be that you’re talking about.

It’s pretty easy actually to generate interest with just a few words.


This is one of the most helpful features of Facebook that allows you to generate a CTA. Getting your viewers to register, shop is anyway the ultimate motive right? And adding a small button just for this is indeed a great feature. 

Go live with Facebook live!

With this, you can you can attract your audience towards the real time progress.

Suppose you’re launching a product, you can go live to show the pre-launch progress, then you can let people watch the whole launch event right from their homes, and then by letting them know how they made it a huge success by having a post launch video. 

Cover video!

The newest change that Facebook has brought is that you can now upload a video as your profile cover. So that will be the first thing that’ll appear infront of your audience when they open your page. All the more reason to make a new video right now! 


85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. And you can use this to your benefit by making a video without sound.

Upload your video directly on Facebook rather than sharing it’s youtube link. This makes it easy for Facebook to put it in front of your audience.

Facebook allows a 45 minute videos to be posted, however try to keep your video within the shorter limits i.e. 1.30 – 2 minutes which is actually an ideal length for better engagement. Keep it crisp, interesting and to the point.

Keep a track of video analytics. This would help you in knowing what kind of content your audience like and what more can be done.

How-to videos, behind the scenes videos, Product demonstration and customer reviews are some of the kinds that do really well.

Follow these tips and let the videos do miracles for your brand, online.



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