How to Enhance Your Presence on Facebook?

Why do I need to focus on increasing my Facebook presence and page likes?

This question might be popping up in your mind.

Let me make it clear for you. When you create a Facebook page for your blog to share your articles with your readers, it helps you in two ways.

First, it drives you lots of targeted traffic to your blog.

Second, more people come to know about your brand when your existing fans share that articles on their Facebook profile.

Some of the following methods may get you more audience and traffic on your blog through Facebook page. 

1. Welcome your audiences with LikeBox Pop-Up

Use LikeBox Pop-Up to increase Facebook page likes if you want your audiences like your page before they start reading your article.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a best free plugin to add LikeBox Pop-Up to your blog.

However, there is another premium plugin Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress available that you can use to increase your Facebook fan page likes.

The plugin LOCKS out page functionality behind the popup and user will only be accessible when he likes your page.

Note: Use Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress plugin only if when you have high-quality content.  The user wouldn’t wait unless you have a quality post on your blog


2. Make your friends as admins invite Friends

Don’t worry if you have a little friends circle of 500 friends.

You can make more admins who have more friends than you in their circle to get more Facebook page likes.

Go to your page setting click on pages roles and put the friend name or his email in “Assign a new Page role” whom you want to make admin of your Facebook page.

It will helps you increase Facebook page likes like a fire.


Let’s see you make five admins who have 500 friends. If they all invite their 500 friends means five multiplied by 500 = 2500 friends. See this is how it works.


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3. Share trendy news and images

People show more interest in trendy news and images.

If your pages have loads of viral news and images chances are more people will like your page.

The most common reason people, unlike a brand page, is because their posts are uninteresting.

Post trendy pictures, meme, news and inspirational quotes.

Inspirational Quotes not only gets shares but also likes. People feel confident and motivated, and they want others to feel the same. 

4. Shorter posts get 23% more interaction than longer one

Writing short posts is not only works for Twitter but also on Facebook.

Keeping your posts limit under 250 characters can increase user engagement on your post up to 60%.

You can even go a step further and can enhance 66% more engagement if you cut down the post length under 75 characters.

It might be reason Facebook users like images more than texts. 

5. Organize a Fan-Only contest

It is one of the best ways to increase Facebook page likes like a fire.

In reality, 42% of people say they like a brand page for the coupons and discounts.

You can organize a contest or offer giveaways for your fans who like your post where you can give free domain name, hosting, discount coupons or premium blogging tools.

Make the announcement about the contest on your Facebook page, so you get more people to like your Facebook page.

Share the contest post on other platforms (social media channels, groups, emails, and on in your blog posts) to make it more popular. 

Final Thoughts!

Increasing a Facebook likes isn’t hard as it looks. All you need to build a strategy to that helps you increase your Facebook page likes fast.

Using the above-mentioned tips, you can grow your Facebook page audiences faster than ever.

Once your page has good amounts of Facebook likes you can use it in various ways promoting a blog post, product or services all is possible.

Let me know what other tips you would like to suggest to increase a Facebook fan page likes fast? 

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