Become a Google Certified Mobile Site Developer!!!

Recently, Google has launched a certification program which gives an opportunity to all Mobile Sites developers and marketers to show their talent and capability in mobile website creation.

In order to become Mobile Sites certified you’ll have to clear an exam which will test your expertise in the field of mobile website development.

On successful completion of the test, developers will get a printable certificate, as a listing on their Google Partners portfolio displaying that they’ve cleared the exam.

The exam, will consists of 65 multiple choice questions with four options & true and false type questions, and will cover basic to advanced concepts. 90 minutes of total time will be given to the aspirants to complete the exam, and are required to achieve at least 80% of the score to be declared as pass.

Google stated that the Mobile Sites certification exam will cover basic, technical and advanced concepts questions that also includes best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing mobile sites. We recommend that you have on-the-job experience of creating mobile sites to increase your chances of passing.”

Mobile Sites Study Guide

The Developers won’t have to only rely on their on-the-job experience to clear the test. Google has also provided a study guide which developers can study for reference and to further increase their chances of clearing the exam.

The study guide consists of the following 4 modules:

1.    Mobile sites and why they matter

2.    Improving mobile site speed

3.    Creating an effective mobile UX

4.    Advanced web technologies

It’s also worth considering that the exam not only checks one’s knowledge of developing website for any particular operating system or machine, but it’s strictly a test of one’s mobile website development skills in general.

In study guide, an entire module is dedicated to website speed that is an indication of how important is site speed in today’s world of internet.

While Google prioritizes, this is an exam for marketers, there’s no reason for digital marketers and SEOs for not taking the exam. It’s possibly an extra achievement of skill that is appropriate for anyone who works or associated with mobile websites in any manner.

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