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  • How can DevOps benefit a Security Organization?

    In today’s competitive environment of advanced technology, DevOps has become an essential solution to help organizations to respond to the growing requirements of the industry. The DevOps status report helps to understand how DevOps related practice...

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  • 7 Types of Data Network Attacks Everyone Should Know

    Network attacks in general, either they may be passive, that means records are being screened and monitored; other attacks are active, which means that that the information is altered with the motive to modify or break the statistics or the network....

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  • VPNs are becoming in popularity, as more and more people are getting involved with internet privacy. With the massive growth of the VPN market, there are currently over 1,000s free VPNs in the market promising you to make your identity safe and sec...

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  • Advantages to using GPS Tracking

    A lot of people have GPS tracking nowadays, but there is a whole lot more you can do with it then just find your way to a new address. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It refers to a number of satellites around the earth that emit signals g...

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  • Avoid Using Fake ID In California: I Was Caught With One

    For a lot of us, being young is all about chasing the thrill and excitement of anything we can lay our hands on. Whether it’s parties or drinking, we want to go wild and embrace the rush. When you’re a minor, the only way to take part in these exper...

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  • The Importance of Wearing Eye Protection at work

    No less than 55% of all recorded eye wounds happen in the work environment and it is assessed that around 1-2000 specialists support eye wounds every day. Of these wounds, no less than 100 outcome 2-3 days off work. The most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from eye damage is the utilization of eye insurance at work – specialists trust that 90% of wounds could have been avoided with the right eye assurance measures set up....

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  • When talking security with individuals one often observes a distinction in language that completely changes the meaning of the topic: people talk about wanting to feel secure, which is a very different matter from actually being secure....

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  • Authentication is the process of obtaining identification credentials such as name and password from a user and validating those credentials against some authority. If the credentials are valid, the entity that submitted the credentials is considered...

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